The One Spiritual Tool You Need If You’re Feeling Down On Your Luck

by Jerald Dyson

Amazonite is type of potassium feldspar, and is actually a mineral, characterized by its luster and green to bluish-green color. As crystal expert Heather Askinosie tells mbg, it can be found in Brazil, Canada, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, the U.S., and more.

It’s most notably known as the “Stone of Hope,” she says, and has long been revered for attracting hope and faith to those who wear it. 

“Even though amazonite is named after the Amazon River due to its rich, watery hues, it is actually not found near the Amazon,” Askinosie explains, adding, “The closest amazonite can be found to its namesake is in Minas Gerais, Brazil.”

The stone also has strong (and long-standing) connections with the indigenous people of the Amazon region. “Amazonite is said to have adorned the shields of Amazonian tribal women warriors hailing from roughly the 10th century B.C.,” Askinosie says. “It was also a favorite among the ancient Egyptians; The gold death mask found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb was adorned with amazonite inlays,” she adds.


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