The One Thing This Beauty Expert Wants You To Think About Every Morning & Night

by Jerald Dyson

“My skin care routine is not earth-shattering. I drink water and care for my skin according to its daily needs,” says Harvey Taylor. “I really believe that skin care is not just about skin type. I think it’s about skin situations, whether that be stress, environmental factors, or whatever’s happening to your skin. I think cocktailing your skin care products to address what it needs that day and mixing it up is really important.” 

We often talk about being mindful with your daily beauty practices: It’s the difference between being proactive and nurturing and reactive and aggressive. I love Harvey Taylor’s reframe of this as “skin situations” rather than type. It frees you from thinking that because you have “oily skin” you should only be using alpha-hydroxy acid face washes or gel lotions—when sometimes a deeply hydrating face mask is what your skin is craving. Check in with your complexion, and take it day by day. 

Tune in to the episode to learn more about clean beauty accessibility, skin care trends, and more. 


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