These Breakfast Cookies Can Help Restore Collagen With Just 3 Ingredients

by Jerald Dyson

Essentially, it’s another way to jazz up your regular oatmeal—combine all the ingredients you would normally include in your bowl of oats (walnuts, chocolate chips, cinnamon, what have you), roll them into cookie shapes, and bam, you’ve got a brand-new iteration that takes no time to make. Experts frequently rave about collagen-oats, as it’s a great (and low-fuss) way to reap the beauty benefits of those high-quality collagen peptides.*

A scoop of collagen will immediately dissolve into the creamy confection and remain undetectable. We’d never knock a trusty bowl of oats, but doesn’t a collagen breakfast cookie sound so much more exciting? 

Feel free to chuck in some optional spices and flavors, like a sprinkle of ginger or cinnamon—perfect for those partial to savory flavors who love that hint of spice. Eat a few of these cookies for breakfast (or the entire plate), and file this under recipes you make at least once a week. 


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