This Dry Shampoo Revives My Oily Strands & Adds Instant Volume

by Jerald Dyson

The dry shampoo also comes in a powder form, which I prefer to an aerosol. It lasts longer, and I get to skip the extra chemicals needed to preserve aerosol formulas. But unlike with other powder dry shampoos, you don’t have to sprinkle the formula directly onto your hairline or into your palms; its spray applicator makes application easy, precise, and efficient. 

And if you’re wondering whether it actually works, I’ve got the photos to prove it to you. On the right, my hair two days after shampooing. It’s not terribly oily, but it certainly didn’t look clean enough for me to feel good about going out. On the right, my hair after applying the Act+Acre Plant-Based Dry Shampoo. Impressive, right? 

Plus, the effects of this dry shampoo last a long time. I apply it in the morning, and my hair still looks fresh toward the end of the day. This allows me to use less product overall, which is beneficial for my scalp and my wallet. Plus, the travel-friendly size is small enough to take with me as backup on extra-humid days. 


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