This Is My Nonnegotiable Daily Practice For Stress & Anxiety Relief

by Jerald Dyson

Step 1: Go outside—into the backyard or a nearby park—and sit, walk, or stand on grass, sand, dirt, etc. I’ve found that doing so for at least 30 minutes a day is the most beneficial, but connecting for just three to five minutes can still help you feel better. Step 1 alternative: If you are not in a position to ground yourself outdoors right now, you can still connect with nature. You could sit by a houseplant, open your windows to get fresh air, or even invest in earthing products, such as mats, blankets, or shoes. You can also use grounding essential oils (with cypress, sandalwood, or ginger) or crystals such as smoky quartz or black tourmaline, which are ideal for protection.

Step 2: Breathe in and out; allow yourself to take in all of the beautiful aspects of nature as you embrace its healing capacity. Feel the blades of grass between your feet. Look up to the sky. Let the sunlight fall over you, and smell the fresh air. Listen for the birds. As you use all your senses, you become more present and connect to the experiences of the Earth even more. 

Step 3: Connect to gratitude. As you continue to breathe in and out, use this moment to focus on appreciation. This is a perfect time to be thankful for all that is well in your life. Send love to the earth, to your community, to the world, to all that is well.

You can say a prayer, such as this one, in the moment to further ground and connect to the collective:

I detach from anything that seeks to separate.

Anything that says “us vs. them.”

Anything that says “my way or the highway.”

Anything that seeks to destroy, condemn, shame, or blame.

Instead, I choose unity.

I choose kindness, compassion.

I choose love.

As you repeat these words, imagine a white blanket of bright light covering the planet and wrapping and healing it with nurturing love. As you repeat the words “I choose unity and love,” imagine all of the people on Earth rising into more love and compassion for self and one another.


I choose love. I am love. We are all connected in love. 


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