This Is The Week To Take The Plunge In Your Relationship, Astrologers Say

by Jerald Dyson

In love, this cycle issues a code-red swagger alert! As lusty Mars fans its feathers in Aries, peacocking could go from enticing to obnoxious at an alarming rate. Like the legendary opening of Studio 54, this “more is more” cycle removes any shame barriers around desire and erotic expression. Is that a good thing? Absolutely, as long as you stay alert! Between now and July 5, life-changing experiences can break open unconscious biases around sexuality and gender. Yet when Mars is in Aries, what begins as “Dionysian” can turn destructive fast. Anger is a touchstone for both this planet and sign. What begins as a basic lover’s quarrel could snowball into a nuclear meltdown. Jealousy, even if well-founded, could spur irrational acts. Taking cool-down breaks will be essential to saving everyone’s sanity…and reputations.


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