This Shortcut Technique Makes Veggie Gardening So Much Easier

by Jerald Dyson

Your bed’s location is important since it will influence the square foot garden’s design and size. A rule of thumb when figuring out just how wide to make the garden bed is, “The average-sized adult can comfortably reach 2 feet,” says Roman. Therefore, if the grid is up against your house or a fence, it should only be 2 feet wide.

“If you can walk all the way around the bed, it can be a maximum of 4 feet wide so you can access the center of the bed from any side,” Roman adds.

However, there are exceptions! It’s important to consider the needs and heights of the people who will be tending your garden. “If you’re a petite adult, or creating a bed for a child, your reach is probably 18 inches, so you’d make the bed no wider than 3 feet,” says Roman.


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