This Sound Healing Tool Is The Surprising New Star In My Wellness Routine — Here’s Why

by Jerald Dyson

I switched between the Acute and Balance settings for my sacrum. First impression? I was shocked by how subtle this device is. It creates a gentle, shaky sensation—reminiscent of being rocked or lulled into relaxation. After 10 minutes or so, my sacrum felt more open—less angry, more spacious. Beyond pain relief, I started using my CHI Palm to support stress levels: I used the Deep Calm sensation on my chest before sleep or simply in my lap during meditation. Between the deep comfort and relaxation, it quickly became the star of my wellness routine for a few notable reasons:

It helps me disconnect. These days, there are a lot of solutions out there for blasting stress or cultivating mindfulness. But almost all of them involve a smartphone or some kind of screen. The CHI Palm works without an app, without data collection, and without disrupting sleep or meditation. Prior to this ritual, I didn’t realize how much I needed to disconnect and go offline. This tool gives me a moment to digitally detox, and reconnect with the natural frequencies of nature… It’s the perfect permission to unplug.

It does offer gentle pain relief. When I’m feeling achy, I’ve come to rely on the CHI Palm for instantaneous comfort. I place it *literally, where it hurts* for about five minutes, and it’s like the sensations of discomfort quiet down. 

It’s a tool for mindfulness. There’s something inexplicable that happens when I use my CHI Palm during meditation, but I have a hypothesis. This device works on the level of frequency—and meditation is all about shifting our brain into the deep relaxation of theta waves. Beyond my daily sit, using this massager inspires me to slow down, get quiet, and tap into the moment.

It invokes deep relaxation. With the stress and achiness I’ve been experiencing lately, sleep often feels out of reach. But the Deep Calm setting has become my favorite wind-down ritual. It’s designed to work deep into our unconscious layers, which seems to be my magic formula for passing out. 


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