This Supplement Can Help Ease The Sticky Tension You May Be Feeling In Your Body

by Jerald Dyson

Hemp oil, for example, is full of beneficial plant compounds called phytocannabinoids that can promote relaxation throughout the body, including in tense muscles.* You’ve probably heard of hemp’s best-known cannabinoid, CBD.

In preclinical research (mice), CBD and its cannabinoid derivatives have been shown to help support a healthy inflammatory response and healthy joints.* Meanwhile, the clinical research in humans for phytocannabinoids in hemp oil and joint comfort for both oral and transepidermal (topicals) delivery is an exciting area of emerging research.*

Some researchers suspect that the phytocannabinoids found in hemp act similarly to those that the body naturally produces (aka endogenous cannabinoids) during exercise.* This would help explain why, in addition to alleviating everyday stress, the plant compounds promote that full-body calm that you’d get after a good run.*

mindbodygreen’s calm+ supplement combines cannabinoid-rich USDA- and EU-certified organic hemp oil with two other calming plants: ashwagandha extract and lavender oil.* The result is an everyday supplement that can help make the body feel a bit more balanced, no matter what funky position it happens to be stuck in.*

While calm+ can help counteract the effects of sitting all day, it won’t cure them.* Be sure to pair it with proper posture (here are some PT-approved tips for cleaning yours up), occasional movement breaks, and stretches that focus on improving mobility and easing stiffness to stave off those deskside aches.


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