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Yes, tofu can reach its expiration date and therefore spoil. Once you have done this, it is not recommended to consume tofu, as it can cause discomfort and symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

How long does tofu last after defrosting?

Once you have thawed the tofu, it is not a good idea to refreeze it, as it will be exposed to oxygen, water, heat and sunlight which can change its consistency and affect its freshness. If the tofu is already opened and placed in the refrigerator, it can only last 3-5 days.

Can tofu be used after freezing?

Frozen, tofu will stay good for three months before it begins to break down in flavor and texture. You can thaw it in the fridge when you’re ready to use it, drain it, and make crispy tofu every time.

How to use defrosted tofu?

If you need to thaw frozen tofu quickly, soak it in hot water or thaw it in the microwave (as long as the packaging is microwave safe). Once the tofu is thawed, drain and squeeze out any excess moisture before cooking it in your favorite tofu dishes.

How is defrosted tofu stored?

It’s easy to store leftover tofu that has been removed from its original packaging. Simply store the tofu in a container filled with cold, clean water in the refrigerator. Cook and consume leftover tofu within two to three days, but change the water in the container daily to preserve the freshness of the tofu.

How do you know if the tofu is spoiled?

Spoiled tofu will turn from that characteristic creamy white color to tan or brown, TofuBud says, and might even show visible mold growths. Additionally, while fresh tofu doesn’t actually have a detectable scent, bad tofu will develop a sour, pungent smell. Also be on the lookout for an inflated package.

How long is tofu good in the fridge?

about 5 days
Fresh tofu usually does not have an expiration date.

Most fresh tofu will keep in water in an airtight container for about 5 days in the refrigerator.

Why not freeze tofu?

Frozen tofu causes the water trapped in the tofu to expand, which enlarges these pores. Once you thaw frozen tofu, you end up with a thicker tofu texture that has bigger holes in it (it’s like cheddar turning into Swiss cheese).

Does unopened tofu spoil in the fridge?

The answer is yes. All foods, including tofu, will eventually go out even if they are unopened. If you’re interested in the actual lifespan of tofu and looking for ways to extend the life of your tofu, read on!

Can you freeze tofu twice?

General food safety guidelines for home cooking state that you should not freeze and reheat food twice. This is usually the best way to do it, since people think of leftovers (and meat). But if done correctly, it’s completely safe to freeze and thaw tofu twice.


Once frozen, thaw the tofu in the refrigerator. (If you’ve frozen an entire block and feel like using it, you can follow the recommendations in this Serious Eats recipe and simmer the frozen block in water for 15 minutes before cutting it.

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