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TRX Bands Review: Why I Don’t Need Anything Else In My Home “Gym”

by Jerald Dyson

Let me start by saying I have never been one for lifting, or even HIIT. Yoga is my true love, and until I had the TRX bands, my mat was essentially the only workout gear I had. The beauty of the TRX bands is, whether you’re a heavy-lifter, a yogi, or both, there are so many options when it comes to this equipment.

The setup is also a breeze. The HOME2 set comes with a simple door frame strap that allows you to hook the bands behind any closed door in a matter of seconds. And there’s also a separate suspension strap that allows you to take your bands on the go. (Think wrapping them around a tree for a workout in the park!)

I keep mine on the back of my bedroom door, visually reminding me to use them any time I want—which is great, considering I work from home. Not to mention they take up hardly any space at all, making them great for apartment dwellers and homeowners alike.

Over the years of having my bands, I’ve figured out a quick routine that works for me using some of my favorite moves. (Planks and mountain climbers to work my core, squats and lunges for the lower body, and so, so many different arm workouts!)

Nowadays, I don’t really need to watch videos for inspiration, but when you’re getting started, TRX has a bunch of workout videos to learn from, plus videos from real TRX users are also aplenty on YouTube, TikTok, etc.


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