Try This 12-Minute Routine To Shake Out Any Sticky Tension In Your Body

by Jerald Dyson

To close out this series, I’m bringing you a restorative yoga flow that you can do any time you need a little release and calm during your week (or even every day). As you’re moving through this flow, think about bringing a gentleness to every one of your postures. This routine is also fantastic for releasing any of those sticky points of tension in your body—from tight hips to a stiff spine.

In just 12 minutes, you can completely reset your mindset and let go of any unwanted feelings you’re holding in your body. If it’s possible, I highly recommend setting aside this kind of time for yourself on a daily basis, to check in with your body and mind. I find this type of intentional mindfulness can help promote mental clarity and general well-being.

All you need is a yoga mat and an open mind to get started. Now, who’s ready to join me on the mat?


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