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by Penny Alba


Exercising the muscles on one side of our body can keep the muscles on the other side strong and fit, even if we don’t move them at all, according to a fascinating new study. The finding has implications for injury recovery and also highlights just how capable and confused our bodies can be.

What are unilateral strength exercises?

Unilateral training is the performance of a movement or exercise using only one arm or one leg. Many of our regular exercises, like the bench press, require both limbs to do the same movement at the same time. While this can be a great exercise for building muscle, it doesn’t replicate real-life movements.

What are examples of unilateral exercises?

Unilateral exercises are single leg or single arm movements.
Low impact unilateral lower body exercises include:
Side Lunge.
Forward Lunge.
Back Lunge.
Single Squat. Box Step Up.

Why are unilateral exercises good?

The main advantage of unilateral exercises is the ability to train both sides of the body equally. Prevents overuse, overtraining, or overcompensation with the dominant side, helping to isolate and correct muscle imbalances which can aid in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

How are unilateral exercises done?

A unilateral exercise is an exercise in which only one side performs a movement. An example in the upper limb, in the arm, would be a unilateral press where only one hand performs this movement.

What are unilateral and bilateral exercises?


A bilateral exercise movement occurs when both limbs are used in unison to contract muscles, creating a force and then moving a given load (6). A unilateral exercise movement is when each limb works independently of the other to create the desired movement (6).

Are lunges a unilateral exercise?

Lunges are a unilateral lower body exercise in which you work each side of your body independently. Single leg movements activate stabilizing muscles to develop balance, coordination and stability.

Are split squats unilateral?

The split squat is a unilateral leg exercise that increases lower body strength, muscle hypertrophy, balance and stability.

Why are unilateral exercises more difficult?

Remember that to get strong you actually have to lift weights. You need both limbs for this. Also, unilateral exercises take longer because you have to train both sides or limbs separately.Oct


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