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by Jerald Dyson
virtual health coach

The popularity of virtual health coaching is on the rise. People’s bad lifestyle habits and decisions account for 85 percent of chronic illnesses. Healthy living choices are becoming increasingly difficult to manage, and now, more than ever since the birth of the digital era, everyone is a little lazier and wants everything from the comfort of their digital gadgets, resulting in the rise of virtual health coaching.

It is becoming increasingly challenging for people all around the world to stay motivated and manage their health. Mental illness rates have grown dramatically, and that is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of deteriorating health conditions. People are looking out for online health coaches at this point.

So if you either want to seek a virtual health coach or become one, this article will help you both ways. 

What Is A Virtual Health Coach?

A virtual health coach can provide guidance and inspiration to help you make long-term lifestyle changes. However, knowing the psychology of making a comprehensive transformation to better people’s lives is a far deeper meaning.

virtual health coach

Small modifications to get back on track with better food and activity habits can make a big difference in your life. On the other hand, they can be as difficult as breaking down the deeply ingrained habits that cause health problems to develop or worsen.

It focuses on analyzing the psychology of behavior modification in general. This is accomplished through acquiring a thorough understanding of the client’s objectives and past failures. Then, with care, developing a program for the client to follow in order to develop improved eating, living, and exercise habits. This advice is accompanied by a continual desire to create and maintain new habits.

Before becoming qualified, a health coach must have at least two years of experience in the health and wellness industry. They must also possess some other type of accreditation in this profession.

How Do You Work With A Virtual Health Coach?

You begin by identifying someone with whom you believe you would get along well. Maybe you have a buddy who works with a virtual health coach and can recommend one to you. Maybe you’ve been reading a health coach’s blog or following them on social media for a while and feel like they’re speaking directly to you.

Make sure you read the health coach’s website or blog’s About Me page. This might offer you an excellent idea of whether or not they’ll value your opinions and experiences. 

An inexperienced young guy is probably not the best match for you if you’re a busy mom with kid activities and family logistics at the forefront of your life. Finding a virtual health coach specializing in your requirements will help you get the most out of your partnership.

The thing we’re trying to explain is that you, the client are dependent on finding the right virtual health coach. It depends on you who you would link with. 

Once you’ve chosen someone who you think will be a good fit, send an email to the health coach. You can nearly always do so by filling out a contact form. Introduce yourself and explain why you’re interested in health coaching in a few sentences. The virtual health coach should get back to you as soon as possible.

How To Become A Certified Virtual Health Coach?

You can pursue a career as a health coach in a variety of ways. However, keep in mind the fine line that separates different styles of coaching. Health coaching encompasses more than just nutrition, wellbeing, and fitness.

 Health coaching is a combination of all of the above, but you won’t be able to suggest nutrition and workout regimens.

There are many of certificates available, so if health coaching is your objective, make sure you’re on the proper track.

virtual health coach

Ace Health Coach Certification

The only NCCA-accredited qualification for health coaches is the ACE Health Coach Certification. This accreditation is accepted all across the world. This is fantastic for virtual training because it allows you to serve more clients.

 This qualification can be studied and completed at your own speed. The basic plan is $999, and the extra plan is $1,299 for this certification.

Integrative Nutrition Credential 

This internationally recognized certification focuses on coaching each client’s bio-individuality. This certification can be earned in a year or in a six-month expedited program.

 The National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching administers the exam for this course. IIN also offers a business support program to assist you in developing the necessary business and marketing abilities. IIN’s approach to certification is similar to that of a difficult academic course. As a result, the tuition is set at $6,795.

The National Society Of Health Coaches 

It’s the most affordable but highly regarded credential. You will have access to live webinars and a wealth of study materials for $595. You’ll also get a year’s membership in the NSHC with that purchase. This will make it much easier to find work once you’ve completed your certification.

Afpa Health Coaching

AFPA is majorly famous for its numerous programs and courses focusing on various aspects of health coaching. You will also receive board certification from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners as a result of this (AADP). The cost of this certification is $699.

What’s It Like To Be An Online Health Coach

Virtual Health Coaches help customers improve their overall health and wellbeing by creating tailored programs to help them achieve particular health and wellness objectives they’ve established for themselves or by executing healthcare directions from their doctors or other healthcare professionals.

Many coaches use Zoom or similar online platforms to meet with their clients weekly or biweekly for a minimum of 12 sessions. This offers the chance to work with a client over time and achieve long-term behavior modification by providing responsibility and support.

What Makes A Virtual Health Coach Good?

When you work as a virtual health coach, you are always available to your clients. Everyone, of course, requires personal time, and as a health coach, you should understand this better than anyone. It’s essential, however, to be completely committed to the times you’ve set out to meet with, support, and manage clients.

You must stay organized and well-coordinated between your clients during the period you have set up for offering health coaching services.

virtual health coach

Remember To Organize And Coordinate When Working As A Virtual Health Coach

This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. To better track and manage your client’s progress and compliance, one option is to use an app like FitSW. You can clearly communicate with clients and assign them the programs they need to live a healthy lifestyle using an app like this.

This also reduces the number of different tools you need to use. If you don’t have an organized set of tools in your toolbox, managing a virtual coaching profession can get overwhelming. 

You could be using up to eight separate pieces of software on your computer to conduct your job, but the capabilities of an app like FitSW can reduce that to just one.

Managing a virtual business without any level of automation for some of your responsibilities may be exhausting. Nobody wants to hire a health coach who is stressed out and tired. To take it a step further, you’ll want to be able to devote your entire, undivided focus to helping clients improve their lifestyles. You may spend more time designing programs and listening to clients’ requirements if you spend less time on management.

Life As A Virtual Health Coach

Meetings and sessions with clients, as well as drafting action plans for clients, make up an online Health Coach’s typical day. They’re usually in charge of administrative responsibilities such as replying to emails and phone calls, as well as marketing for their business, such as managing social media and websites, generating and researching materials, and networking with other Health Coaches and colleagues.

They contact clients in a variety of ways as a Health Coach with an online business, including email, online (through applications like Skype and Zoom), over the phone, text messaging, or in-person if they live close by or choose to maintain an office. 

virtual health coach

During client sessions, their main focus will be on getting to know their clients on a very intimate level and assisting them in clarifying their goals. If you’re working as a virtual health coach, you get plenty of free time.

Aside from your professional duties, one of the benefits of being a virtual Health Coach is that you may schedule time in your days to do the things that make you happy, whatever that may be.


The newer generation of health coaches is all establishing their businesses virtually as the days pass by, helping more and more people with the comfort of their homes. We hope this article gave you a brief understanding of how to be a virtual health coach or what are virtual health coaches like if you wanted to hire one.

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