Want To Improve Your Posture? Hint: It Starts With Your Feet

by Jerald Dyson

During your next pre-workout stretch, don’t forget to show your feet some love. Stretching our feet, calves, and ankles prevents them from getting too tight, which leads to complications that can affect our posture, like shin splints. Tight and misaligned feet can cause pressure on our lower back, resulting in the pelvis tilting forward and a hunched spine. Studies show that regular stretching of the calves and lower body can correct posture and reduce musculoskeletal pain that causes slouching in the first place. 

If you need some ideas, try sitting on your knees, tucking your toes under, and gently sitting into your heels to stretch the bottom of your feet. Pointing and flexing your feet will also help loosen up your ankles and stretch the calves. A daily stretch routine that incorporates your feet and lower legs can help you align your entire body for better mobility and a straighter spine.


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