Want to Lose 100lbs and Enjoy Good Health for Life? Listen to Mary Leanna Maglulio’s Speed Keto® Success Story!

by Christina Gvaliant
Want to Lose 100lbs and Enjoy Good Health for Life? Listen to Mary Leanna Maglulio’s Speed Keto® Success Story!

Curious about Speed Keto’s wellness benefits? Let’s read Mary Leanna Maglulio’s Speed Keto success story and how she feels it improved her health! Mary will be guiding us through her experiences before and after trying Speed Keto. Read on to find out how Speed Keto helped Mary live a better life, just a few weeks after starting the diet. Mary’s Speed Keto experience should inspire other people with chronic health conditions; it just might help you as well.

How did you feel on Speed Keto? Did you notice any health benefits?

Mary Leanna: The year before I found Speed Keto, I had open-heart surgery to replace my aortic valve. I was also pre-diabetic. Even a couple of weeks before that, my doctor told me I had mild asthma and sleep apnea. And another thing, my knees also hurt a lot because I had osteoarthritis and inflammation. So, you know, that was just one thing after another.

But when I started Speed Keto, I felt terrific. It’s amazing. I mean, I already started feeling better before I finished my first 30 days on Speed Keto! My knees barely hurt me. I am now walking without pain. Then, my A1C also dropped to 5.1, which means I’m not pre-diabetic anymore. Look, I didn’t even have a cold in the two years I was on Speed Keto. My asthma rarely bothers me now. My sleep apnea isn’t a problem anymore, too.

What other diet plans have you followed in the past? How did they work out for you? 

Mary Leanna: Well, before, I did use Nutrisystem. But I hated the prepackaged food. 

My dad and I went to an office when I was in high school. When we got there, they weighed us, and they put us on what we call now as a low-carb diet. Once a week, at their office, I had to use a urine test strip. Yes, I lost some weight, but I didn’t change my eating habits. So, naturally, I gained the weight back and then some.

And then, when I turned 28, I returned to a similar office, but in a different state. I did the urine test strips again, and once again, I didn’t change my eating habits or anything. Both times I tried their diet, I was always hungry.

Speed Keto is different, though. I wanted a diet that would also help me change my eating habits. So, when I found Speed Keto, I noticed right away how structured the whole plan was. Speed Keto also helped me change my eating habits, and I’m going to take that for the rest of my life. I mean, the recipes were delicious. Even my family loved them. I wasn’t hungry anymore. My cravings stopped; I didn’t feel the constant urge to eat. 

I never thought I would see the day, but I even forget to eat on some days. I mean, now, I wait until I’m hungry before I grab a bite. So, with Speed Keto, I learned that the stuff in my food is very important. 

How did you learn about Speed Keto? Did a friend recommend it to you? Did you see it in a Facebook group post or ad?

Mary Leanna: So, my Speed Keto journey began when my pulmonologist suggested that I start fasting. He said I had to lose at least 15 pounds. So, I started looking around at fasting plans I can do. That’s when I joined some keto groups, one of them being CompletelyKeto. I saw someone post something about Speed Keto, and I thought, why not? I mean, I thought it wouldn’t be as traumatic as fasting completely. What do I have to lose, right? So, I clicked the link. And the rest is history.

What do you think of the support you get from your Speed Keto Facebook group’s moderators and members?

Mary Leanna: I’m very grateful to the guys in my Facebook group. They’re all very supportive. If I had any questions, the moderators always answered them. Between the moderators and the other members, I felt that I wasn’t alone. 

Tell us about the options for keeping the meals fresh and exciting on Speed Keto. For example, have you tried any of the “bonus” recipes from the files, or used any other cookbooks?

Mary Leanna: My problem with my past diets is that I didn’t have many choices. So, I was happy when I found Speed Keto because it gave me a lot of options. Naturally, I did try a lot of the recipes in the bonus cookbooks. When I wanted to play around, I also fiddled with the approved food lists. These lists were useful when I didn’t have the meats I needed. With Speed Keto, meal times were never dull.

How are your energy levels while on Speed Keto?

Mary Leanna: Well, I was tired all the time before Speed Keto. But, after just a few weeks of Speed Keto, I started walking more. My son noticed this, too. The diet gave me back the energy I didn’t feel for many years. I mean, I started going out for walks more. In the past, you could not see me walking outside. 

Lately, I found that I could also hold my newborn grandson for hours while sleeping, so his mother can rest. If I didn’t try Speed Keto, I wouldn’t have the energy or the strength to do that.

What are your current weight or health goals after trying Speed Keto? How did they change?

Mary Leanna: Right now, I’m just thankful for the excellent health Speed Keto gave me. You know, I already lost 100 lbs. Right now, I’m still a work in progress, so I’ll keep doing Speed Keto. I’m also still going to the doctor, and he told me I would know my ideal weight when I get there.  

How long did it take for Speed Keto to start working for you?

Mary Leanna: I started seeing results after just one week! During that time, my aches and knee inflammation also went away. 

Do you plan to continue with Speed Keto?

Mary Leanna: Of course, I plan to keep doing Speed Keto. It changed my life. It made my health so much better that I can’t imagine following different eating habits. I mean, right now, I just know that if I go back to my old habits, I’ll just go back to the way I was before I found Speed Keto. I won’t let that happen.

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