Want to Lose Weight without Breaking the Bank? Jacinda Morales Tells You How with Speed Keto!

by Al Paterson
Want to Lose Weight without Breaking the Bank? Jacinda Morales Tells You How with Speed Keto!

Sometimes, losing weight can be troublesome. Not only are you required to spend energy and effort having to work out, but some weight loss plans also cost quite a bit of money. However, all is not lost! There are weight loss programs that are cheap and effective. You just have to keep an eye out for them. If you want to narrow your search for such a program, then just read what Jacinda Morales has to say about her own weight loss experience with Speed Keto.

What was the factor that drove you to try Speed Keto? Did a friend or family member convince you?

Jacinda Morales: Well, I woke up one day and I was struggling, hurting, and I just felt like I couldn’t do it anymore.  That was the day I found out about Speed Keto, I received an email from them, so I decided to open it up. I was familiar with Harlan because I had followed the Keto Recipes for Beginners Facebook Group. And since they offered it for such a low price, I figured it would be worth trying. It turned out to be the best decision ever!

Want to Lose Weight without Breaking the Bank? Jacinda Morales Tells You How with Speed Keto!

What kind of changes have you noticed since starting Speed Keto? 

Jacinda Morales: Within the first couple of weeks of Speed Keto, I noticed less joint pain. I wasn’t feeling bloated anymore either. And, my energy levels skyrocketed. I’ve already lost over 100 lbs, and I’ve also dropped several dress sizes. I no longer need medication for my Type 2 diabetes, and my Ha1c is in the normal range. And now I can also go on long walks with my kids and pups without getting tired. Most importantly though, I found that it’s a really wonderful feeling to be comfortable in my body.

What other diet plans have you followed in the past? How did they work out for you? And how do they compare to your experience with Speed Keto?

Jacinda Morales: Before, I did try Weight Watchers, but it was so expensive, the weight came off too slowly, and I just couldn’t maintain it. I went to a nutritionist too, but I always felt like I was overeating. You know, I just got sick trying to keep up with the macros she calculated for me. Then, after that, I tried a fruit-and-veggie-based diet, only to find out that I am allergic to many of them.

Want to Lose Weight without Breaking the Bank? Jacinda Morales Tells You How with Speed Keto!

With Speed Keto, I don’t have to deal with any of that. It’s just so easy to follow. I don’t need to count points or macros because it’s all done for me. This makes it so much easier to maintain. The food and recipes are easy and family-friendly. And, best of all, the Speed Keto community makes you feel supported, and it doesn’t cost a monthly fee!

Did you ever try intermittent fasting while on Speed Keto? Was it easier than you expected it to be?

Jacinda Morales: Fasting was definitely easier than expected. The broth recipe makes it more of a gentle fast too.

Tell us about the flexibility of the plan. How have you made Speed Keto fit into your lifestyle?

Jacinda Morales: I think it was easy. The book provides a list of approved ingredients that you can sub in if you don’t have something on hand. If I’m in a rush, I can just swap out meals or fasting days. Most of the recipes also freeze well, so I always have something to eat even if I don’t have time to cook. Harlan has also made things easier because of his extra guides too. Like, if we want to go out to eat, we can follow the Keto on the Go guide to tell us what to order.

Tell us about the options for keeping the meals fresh and exciting on Speed Keto. For example, have you tried any of the “bonus” recipes from the files, or used any of the additional cookbooks?

Jacinda Morales: I have tried many of the other books. It’s wonderful to be able to swap out meals. I mean, if it’s a cold day, I can make a soup recipe from the main book. If I’m craving Mexican food, there’s also a book for that. There’s just so much variety that I don’t think I could ever get bored with the options! And even if there’s no recipe for something we’re craving, we can just ask Harlan and he almost always comes up with a meal that fits the program.

Why have you decided to make Speed Keto your lifestyle?

Jacinda Morales: It’s simple. I just love how I feel. And my family enjoys the meals, too.

Will you be recommending Speed Keto to your friends and family? 

Jacinda Morales: I have recommended it, and many of my friends and family have joined me!

Are you planning to continue or follow Speed Keto again in the near future? Why or why not? 

Jacinda Morales: Of course. There’s no reason for me to go back to my old ways. I love the way I feel now. I’ve still got weight to lose, and if I stick with the program, I know I will get there.

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