What Is An Introverted Extrovert? 12 Signs & Tips To Thrive

by Jerald Dyson

Whether you identify as an introverted extrovert or an extroverted introvert, you’re by definition, an ambivert. The word “ambivert” contains the Latin prefix ambi which means “on both sides.” So a person who is an ambivert can switch into their introvert or extrovert tendencies to navigate the situations they’re in.

“Almost all of us are ambiverts to some degree,” psychotherapist Ken Page, LCSW, previously told mbg. Having the ability to tap into both sides of the spectrum is beneficial and can lead to a deeper sense of self-knowledge. “It’s a gift to have this balance,” Page says, “but that makes it all the more important to be connected to our feelings and what actually feels good for us in the moment.”


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