What is the 8 Second Morning Ritual for Weight Loss

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With the publication of some excellent new studies, the topic of weight loss exercise for the most efficient fat removal has become a hot one in the media. The most recent study on the greatest exercises for weight loss has just been released by Associate Professor Steve Boutcher and his group from NSW University’s Fat Loss Lab. These researchers have demonstrated excellent outcomes for abdominal fat loss and decreased waist circumference measurements over a 12-week period without dieting by using an innovative exercise strategy.

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Adequate Hydration

It’s incredible how simple it is to get this first step wrong. Your body has been very dehydrated from sleeping for 6 to 9 hours straight over night. Because of this, drinking 32 ounces of clean water to rehydrate is ALWAYS our top priority when we wake up.

For optimal fat burning, clear thinking, and brain function, as well as high energy and endurance, hydration is ESSENTIAL. So, we must ensure that this first step is perfect. Place a 32-ounce water bottle or Mason jar filled with water by your bed at night. It will be waiting for you first thing in the morning, so you don’t even need to “think” about it.

When you wake up, sip all 32 ounces

For a little more “zest,” you can add freshly squeezed lemon. Lemon may also have some additional advantages as a daily routine for weight loss. Learn the Greatest method for starting to drink more water and preventing dehydration.

We want you to have a quick, easy, and ritualised breakfast that will increase your energy and metabolism. The three steps to a fantastic breakfast for energy and weight loss are as follows:

  • Begin with free-range eggs, lean meat, or a superior plant protein.
  • Include some nuts for healthy fats to boost energy and endurance even more. Use low-glycemic/low-fructose fruits if you can’t eat nuts.
  • Consume water, good black coffee, organic green tea, or both.

Cycling stationary is the first exercise method chosen

Cycling is a fantastic low impact workout for ladies that is also safe for the pelvic floor. Because cycling is supported, it relieves pressure on the pelvic floor and joints. It enables you to exercise vigorously and reduces the risk of injury if you are overweight.

How frequently they worked out: three times every week

Whenever possible, attempt to exercise on different days when using this strategy for weight loss. That entails taking a day off in between workouts, which could prevent burnout from vigorous training.

 The intensity of their workouts, which alternated between high and low

The subjects alternated between bouts of activity lasting 8 seconds at a high intensity and 12 seconds at a low level. We refer to this as “interval sprinting.” On a scale from 0 (no effort) to 10 (maximum effort), vigorous intensity is rated at 7-8 out of 10.

This is called high intensity exercise. High-intensity exercise causes a significant rise in both breathing rate and exercising heart rate.

 Their workout sessions lasted 20 minutes each

Before 20 minutes of nonstop “interval sprinting,” begin with a 5-minute steady warm-up of your choice of exercise.

The Results of Weight Loss Workout

The research team discovered that their exercising volunteers significantly measured the following after three months of following this exercise regimen:

  • Reduced visceral (internal organs) and abdominal fat
  • Increased lean muscle mass, increased aerobic capacity, and decreased waist circumference

Why Is High Intensity Workout the Greatest for Losing Weight?

According to the researchers, there are a variety of potential causes for the accelerated fat loss with high intensity exercise. In essence, we don’t really understand how interval sprinting works; we only know that it does.

Research Implications for the Best Workout for Losing Weight?

The men in this study1 were overweight and did not alter their diet at any point during the investigation. In a prior study2, it was discovered that women responded well to the same workout suggestions.

In this study on weight reduction and exercise in women, it was discovered that 20 minutes of high-intensity “interval sprinting” three times a week resulted in significant fat loss as opposed to 40 minutes of moderate-intensity cycling, which had no effect on fat loss.

Exist any possible drawbacks?

After reading this research, I gave this exercise a try. I found it to be physically demanding; it is not at all like taking a brisk morning stroll in the park. I felt terrific afterward and like I had worked out extremely hard.

But, if you want to lose weight effectively through exercise, it may be worthwhile to use the general approach of interval sprinting with a mix of high and low intensity activity whenever you can.

LifeSprints Records

LifeSprints is the name of the music that’s been utilised in this study and has been programmed with the appropriate tempo for the high and low intensity periods.


According to recent study, the following exercises are the greatest for losing weight and trimming your waistline: Cycling in place for 8 seconds at a high intensity and 12 seconds at a low level, three times each week, A continuous 20-minute workout (plus 5 minute warm up). If you want to reduce your waist circumference and lose abdominal weight, you might want to consider putting these weight loss workout research findings into practise. This form of exercise also benefits the pelvic floor and is time-effective, so it offers many women an ideal workout option.

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