What Neuroscientists & Dietitians Swear By For All-Day Focus & Attention

by Jerald Dyson

Even better, with a targeted nootropic supplement, you can get a handful of ingredients that enhance cognitive function and offer neuroprotective properties—all in a simple daily capsule!* That’s precisely why we at mindbodygreen created focus+—to provide an easy, effective, and sustainable solution to your attention, energy, and concentration needs.*

The hero of this formula is the caffeine phytonutrient derived from not one but two plant-origin sources! To start, 50 milligrams of instant-release Coffeeberry® caffeine from whole coffee fruit (Coffea arabica) extract delivers that immediate burst of energy you’d expect from a morning cup of coffee, plus antioxidant power from polyphenols.*

To avoid the dreaded afternoon caffeine crash, we also include 100 milligrams of Xtenergy—sustained-release caffeine from green coffee beans (Coffea robusta) that promotes mental energy, alertness, and productivity throughout the day.*

This novel extended-release profile of our caffeine bioactive is clinically shown to sustain caffeine levels in the blood and deliver significant energy, focus, and mood balance benefits, all the while buffering against that afternoon slump (i.e., tiredness, jitters, drop in mood).*

These cognitive benefits are bolstered further by buddy bioactive L-theanine (as Suntheanine®), which is clinically shown to enhance attention span and multitasking skills when working alongside caffeine.* In addition to supporting caffeine’s brain health benefits, L-theanine also promotes alpha brain wave activity, which manifests in a relaxed, calm focus and lovely mood-lifting actions.*

Ancient botanicals Panax ginseng and guarana also make an appearance in this innovative formula, boasting clinically demonstrated synergy to combat mental tiredness, enhance task speed and performance, and promote overall mood support.* On its own, guarana is found to elevate energy and endurance, while ginseng can best be described as an “actoprotector”—an adaptogen that regulates major brain neurotransmitters to promote stress resilience and mind-body energy.*

Last but not least, a high-potency dose of bioactive vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) helps support brain and body energy production at the cellular level.* Additionally, B12 is an essential micronutrient for neuron signaling, neurocognitive function, and mood-enhancing neurotransmitter production (specifically, serotonin and dopamine).*

We love this focus+ formula because we truly believe it can help anyone who’s looking for more energy, concentration, attention, and mood support in their daily life—and industry-leading neuroscientists, doctors, and dietitians agree!* We put a lot of thought, research, and intention into our lineup of nootropic ingredients, and experts in the neuroscience industry were excited to see both individual and synergistic cognitive benefits.

See for yourself what some of the most respected cognitive health scientists, nutritionists, and physicians think of mbg’s focus+.


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