What the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction Means for Your Sign

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Wherever Jupiter goes, luck often follows, as this massive planet, nicknamed the Great Benefic, is all about expanding horizons and exploring potential. Pair that energy with the dreamy, spiritual realm of Neptune, and the result is a cosmic cornucopia of good vibes. That’s what you can expect on April 12, during the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, when these planets sync at the exact same degree of Pisces—a sign in which they’re both in their “domicile,” or “well-resourced and able to function to the best of their abilities,” says astrologer Cristina Farella.

Orbiting in the outer reaches of our solar system, these two slow-moving planets only meet up in the same sign every 13 years before moving into the next. So, if you do the math, it takes them about 156 years (or 12×13) to move through the full zodiac wheel’s worth of meet-ups. “2022 marks the last time in our lifetimes that these two spiritual juggernauts will meet up in the sign that they co-rule,” says astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides. And this is particularly significant, given the joining of Pisces’ traditional ruler (Jupiter) and modern-day ruler (Neptune) in the sign of Pisces, too; the resulting vibe is basically dreamy Pisces energy on overdrive.

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As for what that mystic synergy may bring? The line between dreams and reality could feel blurrier than usual, whether literally or metaphorically, says Farella: “As we dissolve that boundary, we can invite more enchantment, more tenderness, and more beauty into our worlds.” On a collective level, that could also result in a surge of creative expression across art forms like music, movies, and books. “We can expect to see an emphasis on fantasy or science fiction, and perhaps even a renaissance of artistic spirituality,” says Marmanides.

“I see this conjunction as an opportunity to renew our sense of hope and our orientation to creativity and inspiration.” —Cristina Farella, astrologer

To embrace that energy, Marmanides suggests asking yourself, “What do I want to create in this world?” And, “Where might I benefit from a leap of faith or maybe even, a belief in the power of some celestial luck?” The idea is to embrace whatever surfaces whole-heartedly. “I see this conjunction as an opportunity to renew our sense of hope and our orientation to creativity and inspiration,” says Farella.

At the same time, it’s important to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, so to speak, while leaning into your aspirations. “There can be an illusory, intangible quality to Neptune,” says Marmanides. While that can certainly open your eyes to what’s possible, it doesn’t negate the obstacles of life, either. “This is an invitation not only to dream your dreams [in abstract], but also to apply your newfound spiritual energy toward making them a reality.”

Exactly where you’re destined to feel this push will depend on your birth chart. To get a full understanding of how the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will lend its dreamy spirituality to your life, read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs.

What the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces means for your sign


It’s a day to get deep and listen to your intuition, Aries. This conjunction activates your 12th house of dreaming and the unconscious, pushing its message of spirituality toward even more literal terms. “Make sure you carve out space for reflection,” says Farella. “Tools like meditation, automatic writing, and dreamwork can help amplify your magic on this day.”


Expect clarity when it comes to your community, Taurus. With this conjunction highlighting your 11th house of social circles, you could gain greater understanding of the types of people whom you really want by your side during the highs and the lows. You may even have the opportunity to meet new people who will become hugely influential in your life—so long as you’re willing to let go of those who bring you down, says Marmanides.


A career highlight could be just around the corner, Gemini. This conjunction illuminates your 10th house of public reputation, opening up space for new intentions around how you’d like to be perceived and how you’d like to make an impact in this world, says Farella. You’ll find the most success in any role that allows you to share your biggest gifts—your humor, your wit, and your adaptable nature, says Marmanides.


Onward and upward, Cancer. This conjunction reflects a time to broaden your horizons in every sense, as it touches your ninth house of foreign travel and learning. “You’re invited to look to culture and the arts for a rekindled connection to hope, faith, and excitement,” says Farella. In general, it’s a time to get more connected to the topics you care about or that interest you, even from afar, says Marmanides: “Don’t ignore any calls or yearnings to travel.”


As with Aries, this conjunction is pushing you toward your spiritual depths, Leo. In your case, it’s activating the eighth house of the psyche and inner transformation. Perhaps you use this time to integrate old patterns through shadow work, or to release yourself from a challenging power dynamic, suggests Farella. Or maybe you decide to get more vulnerable within a romantic relationship, and practice a deeper form of sexual intimacy, says Marmanides. Either way, it’s a day for healing, soul-nourishing pursuits.


The spiritual tinge of this Jupiter-Neptune conjunction hits your love life via your seventh house of partnerships. You could find yourself in search of a soul-level connection, whether that’s with a person whom you already know or one you’ve yet to meet. “You just need to believe that you are deserving of the love you desire,” says Marmanides. And that starts with—however cliché it may sound—loving yourself. “The opportunity to ask, ‘Do my boundaries respect my needs?’ may be magic enough at this time,” says Farella.


Beauty can be found in the mundane, Libra. And as this conjunction touches your sixth house of wellness and daily routines, you’re inspired to do exactly that: “You might think of your everyday errands or chores almost like rituals,” says Marmanides. With that in mind, this is not a time to just go through the motions, but instead, to pay attention to where those seemingly small things might serve you better with a modicum of intentionality.


Your creative mind is on fire, Scorpio. “You’ll be invited to tap into divine inspiration to upgrade your sense of self-expression,” says Farella, of this conjunction’s action in your fifth house of creativity and play. Essentially, you may feel like a fertile grounds for producing great works—whether that’s pieces of art, love, or romance, says Marmanides: “It’s time to nurture that feeling, and to see fun not as frivolous but as serving a purpose of bringing light to your soul—which isn’t any less true for how lofty it may sound.”


Your home is where you’ll do the most soul-searching during this time, Sagittarius. “Look for deep changes within your family unit that can offer a kind of balm, like a psychic healing,” says Marmanides. As this conjunction highlights your fourth house of familial roots and foundations, you may find yourself able to reinforce family ties that have been on the fritz, or even find new connections that feel like home to you. “This may also be a time to rekindle a definition of ‘home’ that feels really protected and secure,” says Farella.


Your Jupiter-Neptune awakening is crossing paths with your intellect, Capricorn. This conjunction highlights your third house of intelligence and information, making it easy for you to apply your usual analytical tack to more spiritual matters, perhaps by exploring topics like astrology, tarot, or crystal healing. “This is a potent time to let your intellectual curiosity lead you forward,” says Farella. It’s also a time aligned for recording or sharing your beliefs with others. “Talk about the angel numbers you see, tell a friend about the synchronicities you notice, or start a dream journal,” suggests Marmanides.


While this dreamy conjunction activates your second house of resources and money, its effect may not be so literal as it is conceptual. Now is the time to transform any scarcity mindset you may hold, and turn your attention toward abundance, says Marmanides. Just be careful about exaggerated optimism leading to over-spending, thanks to Jupiter’s expansive influence, says Farella: “If you can set fresh intentions around your finances and clarify what it means to be ‘secure,’ on your own terms, you’ll bring yourself a deeper level of autonomy.”


Take a deep breath, Pisces. This is a highly transformational moment for you, as the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is happening in your sign—that is, your first house of identity and self-image. “You’re a compassionate sign that tends to put others first,” says Marmanides. “But, this is a time to put yourself first, not only as self-care but as spiritual soul-care.” Whatever you do should expand your sense of self, rather than shrinking or hiding it. “Claim all parts of you—including those that you may have previously kept in the shadows—and celebrate your divine uniqueness,” says Farella.

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