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What To Eat After Cardio For Weight Loss

by Penny Alba


Plan to eat a healthy snack or meal within 45 minutes of completing your workout. This will help replenish muscle energy stores and start the recovery process. Eat foods that contain carbohydrates and protein. Carbs help to restore glycogen levels so you can recharge your energy levels.

What should you eat after a workout for weight loss?

Good post-workout food choices include:
Yogurt and fruit.
Peanut butter sandwich.
Low-fat chocolate milk and pretzels.
Post-workout recovery smoothie.
Turkey on whole-grain bread with vegetables.

What’s the best thing to eat after a cardio workout?

On top of at least 8 ounces of water or coconut water, choose a small meal with a combination of protein and carbohydrates. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, a carbohydrate/protein ratio of 3:1 in a post-workout meal is appropriate for most people.

Should I eat before or after cardio to lose weight?

When you eat right before exercising, your body is going to first use the calories you just consumed for fuel. By exercising when it’s been about three to four hours since you last ate, your body is more able to burn fat for fuel because other easier methods of fuel aren’t available.

Which cardio burns the most fat?

Running is the winner for most calories burned per hour. Stationary bicycling, jogging, and swimming are excellent options as well. HIIT exercises are also great for burning calories.

What cardio burns stomach fat?

Aerobic or Cardio Exercise

Some great cardio of aerobic exercises for belly fat include: Walking, especially at a quick pace. Running. Biking.

Should I eat after cardio for fat loss?

To keep the burn going, a good post-workout snack or meal is important. Whether you’re doing cardio or strength and endurance training, your body uses up all its energy during a workout. Therefore, it’s vital that you nourish your body properly with all the essential nutrients it needs after you work out.

Will I burn more fat if I eat after a workout?

Cyclists who had pedaled on an empty stomach incinerated about twice as much fat as those who had consumed a shake first.

Will I still lose weight if I eat after workout?


While it’s true post-workout fuel stimulates muscle growth, the extra calories could hinder weight loss, especially if it’s an added meal or snack you wouldn’t have eaten otherwise.

Should I eat protein after cardio?

After a light cardio session:

And you’ll need about 1 gram of protein for every 1 to 2 grams of carbs you eat. The carbs will get you some much needed energy, and the protein will help your muscles recover. Aim to get 10 to 15 grams of protein, 30 grams of carbohydrates, and 150 to 250 calories.


Like Gatorade and other popular sports drinks, coconut water contains high levels of electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium. In 2012, one study found coconut water to be just as beneficial for post-workout recovery as both sports drinks and water.

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