What To Know Ahead Of The New Moon In Cancer & How To Work With It

by Jerald Dyson

June’s new moon in Cancer lands in skies this Tuesday the 28th, around 11 p.m. EDT. We won’t be able to see it, of course, as the moon sits in total shadow when it’s new—but that doesn’t mean we won’t feel its impact.

And for this particular new moon, Cancerian themes will be at the forefront, from family relationships to your space at home. And by the way, Cancer is already ruled by the moon to begin with, so you can consider this a double dose of lunar energy.

In terms of what this moon could elicit from us, the sensitive sign of the crab asks us to dig deep and ask ourselves what truly makes us feel safe, secure, and comfortable. And with Jupiter (the planet of luck and expansion) in Aries squaring the moon, the urge to overhaul in those areas may feel, well, urgent.

Not to mention, Mars, the planet of aggression and action, will be squaring Pluto, the planet of rebirth, so don’t be surprised if this new moon feels more intense than others. Pluto has a knack for making us take a long look in the mirror, and Mars will then want to do something about it.

New moons are, after all, a time to start fresh and plant seeds—just be sure not to get caught in the undertow of Cancer’s sensitivity, should things start to feel overwhelming. There’s no harm (or shame) in taking it easy during this new moon, and Cancer season in general.


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