Why An mbg Shopper Loves cellular beauty+ For Skin Resilience

by Jerald Dyson

Because I live at the top of a hill in Maryland, there is a bit of a wind vortex surrounding my home. This uptake in wind creates an entirely different climate, and the constant exposure to a harsh breeze significantly affects the look and feel of my skin. 

When this brutal wind hits my face, a flush always follows suit. While it certainly doesn’t stop me from spending time outdoors, I imagine it can’t be good for my skin to experience the arid environment every single day. 

When I leave the windy outdoors to enter my barn, a new climate arises: But this one is humid, the complete opposite of the wind tunnel I just experienced outside. This back-and-forth between dry and humid air causes my skin to fluctuate multiple times throughout the day. And while I’m no stranger to a hydrating serum, cream, or mask, nothing I used topically had created a lasting, noticeable change in my skin. 

I knew I needed something to help my skin adapt to these ever-changing conditions, so I leaned into the idea of caring for my skin from the inside out. And then I found my holy grail: mbg’s cellular beauty+. 


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