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One of nature’s original skin soothers, tiger grass is the latest ingredient to pop up in Tropic’s portfolio. Here’s why it’s one to get on your radar…

Did you know you might have heard of tiger grass without even realising it? If we were to speak in official terms, it would be labelled centella asiatica, but it’s also known as gotu kola, brahmi, spade leaf in America, Pennywort in the UK and cica in South Korea – not too confusing, then! Used in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, it’s been referred to as the ‘fountain of life’ due to legend that an ancient Chinese herbalist lived for over 200 years as a result of taking it (as a herbal infusion) every day. Ancient tales also tell of tigers rolling around in its leaves to help heal their wounds – hence the name ‘tiger grass’.

Beauty Benefits

Beside easing symptoms of wounds and infections, this powerful herbal plant was also used to reduce scarring, improve hydration levels and soothe sensitive skin, which is how and why it’s started to make its way into some 21st century formulations. Helping to repair the skin’s protective barrier by making it more resilient, it has a knack for improving overall moisture levels by slowing down the evaporation of water from the skin.

It’s also anti-inflammatory, which means irritated skin doesn’t stand a chance. From redness and rosacea to spots and breakouts, it takes the sting out of skin conditions so often linked with soreness and discomfort.

Best of all, it isn’t ageist either, effective for both a more mature audience interested in its collagen-boosting and firming functions, or for a more junior crowd who need their dry skin tended to. It’s why Tropic have included it in their new Little Tiger Baby Oil. Whether it’s slathered on all over or targeting chronic dry areas, the result is smoother, hydrated skin that’s soft, strong and supple.

How does it work?

The majority of the tiger grass’ powers lie in the fact that it’s a potent antioxidant. Containing active compounds like the phytonutrient madecassoside, it helps to ward off free radicals that compromise the skin and weaken its barrier function. It’s also a rich source of amino acids (which hydrate), and saponins (which are anti-inflammatory). And as well as giving the plant its deep green hue, chlorophyll is the secret to its antimicrobial streak. Other nutrients worth a shout out include zinc, selenium, copper, beta-carotene and fatty acids which act as a support system to the skin – a bit like a skin multi-vitamin.

Where is it from?

Native throughout tropical wetlands, Tropic sources its organic tiger grass from Madagascar. A perennial herb that thrives in moist soil or swamplands, it’s hand harvested whenever it’s looking healthy and green, and it’s the leaves in particular that contain all the beautifying benefits. Obtained as an extract in water or oil-soluble form, Tropic has chosen the latter option to create a product that glides over skin and sinks in fast.

Exciting times ahead

Exciting times ahead

Ticking off two firsts, not only is this the first time Tropic is using tiger grass in its products, but this is its first baby-focused formula too. Blending the tiger grass oil with vitamin E and golden jojoba oil – which creates a nourishing and comforting blend that stops dry skin getting the better of tiny bodies – you might not be able to wrap them up in cotton wool, but this new Little Roary Baby Oil might just be the next best thing! With this nourishing oil also doubling up as an effective makeup remover, hair oil and massage oil, everyone can enjoy its simple goodness.


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