Why You Should Layer Perfume With A Scented Body Lotion

by Jerald Dyson

This tip works in two ways: First, fragrance lasts longer on well-hydrated skin. That’s because a healthy, moisturized lipid barrier offers more natural oils for the fragrance to cling to—whereas the juice will simply dissipate on skin that’s dry and cracked. So if you have a rich and creamy formula with moisturizing oils and butters, go ahead and slather it on; it will grab on to the fragrance and help the perfume leave a stronger trace. 

However, if you want to take this tip a step further, you could always try your hand at fragrance layering. Meaning, grab a scented body oil or lotion and layer it underneath your perfume—not only can it keep your skin hydrated (which makes the aroma last longer) but the added notes can enhance your fragrance experience, too. Some brands will even offer a body oil and perfume duo for this very reason, but you could always choose separate products with scents that complement each other well.

“When different scent notes hit together, then you have an even more robust collection of top, middle, and bottom notes. That definitely helps to make the fragrance last,” says Cat Chen, founder of clean fragrance brand Skylar. 


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