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We’ve all been searching for that just-woke-up subtle glow with our work from home makeup – and if you’re still on the hunt for some simple steps to radiance, you’re not alone. Take a look at our top picks for fuss-free ways to boost your daily look, from the secrets of a skinimal vibe to full-lipped favourites.

It’s okay to admit it – the longer we’ve been working from home, the easier it’s been to slip into the ‘business on the top, PJs on the bottom’ state of mind. With that comfort, however, can also come a sense of never quite being able to switch off, as the boundaries between our home and work lives become less and less clear. 

Spending time crafting a makeup look, even if it’s just a few simple steps, can really help to centre yourself every morning and put some separation between the version of you who was swatting at the alarm clock at 7:30 and the one who’s ready to dive into work refreshed at nine. Plus, when we don’t have the chance to get creative with our outfits, our faces are the one space we have to experiment with colour, explore new things and show some self-expression in a work environment, even if that’s just on camera. 

Not sure where to get started? We’ve pulled together some suggestions for quick makeup wins that’ll have you feeling great and glowing bright.


Our eclectic range of Eyes on You Pressed Shadows help to keep the days feeling fresh. With eighteen shades to choose from, you can switch it up from smoky intensity to a barely-there hint of colour in one fell swoop. Full of natural oils and vitamin E to revitalise as they’re colouring in, these pressed powders are a sublime way to throw a burst of personality into your look.

Searching for a quick way to look wide-eyed in that crack of dawn call? Smudge Silk Gel Liner under your lash line to give eyes a bold boost. Ideal for those mornings where you’re just winging it, its powerful mineral pigments make sure your look stays strong all day without you having to worry about the appearance of sudden flakiness in the middle of a meeting. Take your pick from the Slate, Brown and Black tones available and get painting! 



For a natural-looking, satin-smooth gleam, lightly dab Way To Glow Cream Highlighter onto your cheekbones, cupid’s bow and the tip of your nose after applying your morning skincare. You’ll quickly catch yourself in the mirror looking gorgeously iridescent, courtesy of the highlighter’s use of ‘interference mica’ particles. These have a prism effect on skin, bouncing a wide spectrum of three-dimensional colour across your complexion.

Whether you want to brighten up your early morning routine or put a spring in your step as you head into the afternoon, Blush Crush Cream Colour brings skin of all tones and types to life. With your choice of fresh cherry, uplifting coral or a soft neutral to keep your cheeks in full flush, it’s also the star of one of our favourite beauty hacks – give your smile a lush boost by lightly pressing blush into your lips too.



When you don’t have time to turn to the tweezers before logging onto Zoom, Undercover Cream Concealer is a fast-track way to keep especially bold brows under wraps. Simply place a small amount on the detailing brush and tidy up the hairs that have decided to venture off in a new direction.

Our silky Jet Set Pressed Bronzer has holiday glow on its mind all year round. The tone names alone will mentally transport you to warmer shores – Tahiti Tan for fair skin, Havana Heat for darker skin and Bali Bronze for fair to medium skin – while the luminous matte effect has you looking like you just stepped off the plane from Bora Bora.  



Whatever the quality of your laptop camera, bring lips into high definition with our sharpening Line Up Lip Pencil for a moisturising, smudge-free finish. If you want to make sure you’ve got a long-lasting lip look to see you through from nine to five, apply your pencil all over the lips and then blot with a tissue. It acts as a brilliant base for…

Kiss Me Quick lipstick, adding a vibrant pop of colour to your day! You can customise your lip wardrobe with twelve options to suit your mood, from boldly bright to subtly subdued, but our personal picks for extra long-wearing shades are the two Moisture-Rich Matte Finish, available in rich rose red and nude mauve. 



Start the day with Mineral Foundation, so light you’ll barely feel like you’re wearing makeup! It’s a quick, easy way to even out your base and guarantee radiant matte coverage that’ll leave you feeling ready to answer the door to that latest Deliveroo lunch order with confidence. The cherry on top is that its blend of botanical actives work in tandem with your skin to nourish it and enhance your natural glow.

A go-to saviour on mornings where dark circles are making their presence felt, with Illuma Light-Diffusing Concealer your skin will also enjoy all the hydrating, nourishing and collagen-boosting benefits of its plant-powered mix of algae extract, vitamin E and squalene.  



Time to hear from the expert! We caught up with Mica, our resident makeup maven, to find out what products she swears by for work from home results…

  •  When you feel like your skin’s having a dull day, my motto is to always add a pop of colour (whether nude or bright) to the lips with Lip Glaze. It instantly brightens your whole face, makes your lips look great with a high shine gleam, and also nourishes them at the same time. 
  • Dressing the eyes with our Lash Extension Kit is a sure way to bring a touch of glamour to the face and also make you look bright, breezy and wide awake – let’s be honest, we’ve all had those work from home days where we woke up at 8:40…
  • Taking care of your brows makes a huge difference to a fresh morning look, as they instantly frame the face. I like to lightly brush a small amount of Brow Boss through my brows before starting the work day to give a naturally defined look.
  • A lot of people don’t know about using a broad-spectrum SPF every day, but it’s so important even when we’re working inside, as UVA rays can penetrate through clouds and windows. Sun Day Facial UV Defence is my go-to for staying sun-safe. It gives such a glowing radiant look to skin and makeup glides over it beautifully!


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