Yes, Mental Fatigue Is Real: 3 Expert-Backed Ways To Recharge Your Battery

by Jerald Dyson

Once you’ve identified that you may be struggling with mental fatigue, it’s time to take back your power. Asserting boundaries and taking a good, hard look at your schedule and what you need to be doing each day can help you take a step back and find the rest you need. “Identifying tasks in your day that are either depleting or nourishing and labeling them as such, as well as seeing where you can sprinkle in more nourishing tasks in between the depleting ones” is one method that Painter suggests for getting intentional in your own life and lowering the risk of fatigue. 

If you’re finding joy in your day, this will lift your spirits, which can make a profound difference in energy levels. “Oftentimes we feel run down by our schedules or diet, so taking back our power and adding our own input into our day can catapult us into having more motivation, more mental energy, and even bringing down some of our mental fatigue,” she adds.


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