Breathing Life into Mental Health Support: Iona Holloway of Soul Breathwork Shares Strategies for Workplace Well-being


Breathing Life into Mental Health Support: Iona Holloway of Soul Breathwork Shares Strategies for Workplace Well-being

Breathing Life into Mental Health Support: Iona Holloway of Soul Breathwork Shares Strategies for Workplace Well-being

In today’s fast-paced and demanding work environments, the well-being of employees has become a crucial aspect for organizations to address. Recognizing the significance of mental health, we embarked on an enlightening interview series, titled “Empowering the Workplace: Fostering Mental Health Awareness and Support.” In this series, we engaged with successful entrepreneurs and business leaders who shared their invaluable insights and experiences on implementing strategies to prioritize mental health in their organizations.

Name: Iona Holloway
Company: Soul Breathwork

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What are some key strategies for organizations to identify and address early signs of mental health issues among employees? Share your insights and experiences on implementing proactive measures.

Iona Holloway: I don’t think organizations need to be looking to identify mental health issues in their employees. The assumption should be that everyone that works for your company is working through something that’s invisible to the naked eye and could benefit from tools and support, whether that’s in the form of more open conversations, workshops, or talks.

Having a brain that thinks and a body that feels is part of being a human being. Everyone goes through harder and easier periods in their life, but everyone can benefit from learning how to navigate their inner world with more skill and ease.

How can companies create a supportive environment for employees to openly discuss mental health and seek help when needed? Share examples of successful communication and resources that have made a difference in your organization.

Iona Holloway: It’s simple. Provide low-pressure, compelling opportunities for people to opt-in to support their mental health. Small groups, guest speakers, and themed workshops are easy ways to invest in your company culture.

And these experiences don’t have to have boring or ominous titles like “Combatting Anxiety and Depression at Work” or “How to Leverage Your Creative Thinking.” How about “Burnout-Proof Your Life” or “Breathwork for Creative Creatures?” When you take a more solution-oriented approach rather than focusing on “mental health” symptoms, you make these vital experiences far more attractive for your employees. Also, having people in more senior positions participate is key!

What role can training and education play in fostering mental health awareness in the workplace? Share your experience with impactful workshops, seminars, or training programs that have contributed to a better understanding and support of mental health among employees.

Iona Holloway: One of the hardest parts of struggling mentally or emotionally is thinking you’re the only one. Bringing anything “taboo” like mental health out of the shadows and into the light at work automatically lowers shame and cultivates a culture that’s more open.

I’ve facilitated breathwork experiences for organizations like Teach for America where young men have learned tools like breathwork to process emotions and been visibly moved during the experience. A recent talk I gave for a global law firm on why strong and successful women struggle invisibly include writing prompts, breathwork, and visualizations and was incredibly well-received by the group. Giving participants practical tools they can walk away with and immediately apply in there life is so important.

Jed Morley, VIP Contributor to WellnessVoice and the host of this interview would like to thank Iona Holloway for taking the time to do this interview and share her knowledge and experience with our readers.

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