5 Types of Empaths: Know Your Personality Type

by Charles Purdom

People who feel empathy tend to be self-aware and self-sensitive, and when it comes to other people, they are drawn to people who can “sense” their emotions. But what types of feelings are we talking about here?

There are eight different types of empaths. Their personality types are determined by how they process information, namely emotions, sounds, or feelings. There are three primary categories of types – cognitive, logical, and emotional. Each class has a unique combination of features that set them apart from others.

Emotional Types of Empaths 

Are very in tune with their own emotions. They have strong feelings but don’t always act on them unless they feel strongly enough to do so. As a result, they can be susceptible and have difficulty dealing with strong negative emotions such as anger or hurt. As a result, people who fall into this category often lack confidence and constantly build friendships. Intuitive types of empaths also have a sensitivity to emotions and take action on those feelings before getting overly upset about them.

The Cognitive Types of Empaths

Is susceptible to situations and events in which they have strong negative emotions. This is in stark contrast to the logical type empath who processes information more quickly and reacts with the minimum amount of processing. These paths are often very lonely, and they do not have many friends because their reactions are so strong. They may be inflexible about following a plan and maybe clingy and needy at the drop of a hat. Their emotions often bubble to the surface and come to the surface at the most inappropriate times.

The Logical Types of Empaths 

Are extroverted and generally seek to find meaning in things. They don’t let their emotions get in the way of logical reasoning or facts. They can be very focused and precise, often using logic to escape from tough decisions. While analytical types of emotional empathy are more confident than other types, they are usually more reserved because they believe strongly in the importance of facts. If left unchecked, they can become overconfident and seem oblivious to the world around them.

The Physical Types of Empaths

Is highly perceptive and has a very keen memory. This empathic person is very detail-oriented and uses this quality to remember information from past events or dreams. As a result, if they are called upon to recall something that had happened recently, they have a strong mental connection to that place and will be extremely upset if they must abandon what they are doing. Therefore, the physical path must be careful with the information that they give out because if they feel they are being tricked or lied to, they will withdraw entirely and not deal with the situation any further.

The Earth Types of Empaths 

Is sensitive and enjoys the company of others. They are generally very gentle and have earth-loving tendencies. These types of paths value the lives of others and often spend a great deal of time around their close friends and relatives.

The Geomancer types are connected to the earth and are very intuitive. They use their skills of intuition and astrology to predict the future. They often visit specific places to consult their guides or to find out particular places or events in their life that may affect them in the future. When they connect to a location in the world, they are very protective of it and are often upset when their plans are disrupted.


These are the five main types of Empaths. Every class has a different way of responding to situations and different ways of working. The good thing is that everyone has an emotional center linked to one kind of these types of Empath. Anyone can be an empath, regardless of whether they are an earth sensitivity or a physical path.

Although all types of paths have their characteristics, each type of Empath has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, some types of courses are good at caring and helping others, while others are stronger regarding emotions and feelings. An empathic personality is likely to be creative and very accepting that others have different characteristics.

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