What Is the Process for Enclosed Auto Transport

by Gabrielle Perry

While shipping a car via an enclosed auto hauler is a premium service with transport companies, it also offers the greatest degree of protection while in transit. 

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Vehicles are secure within a closed trailer without exposure to the outside, a preferred shipping method for owners who prefer their car to arrive in pristine condition. The container trailer prevents most possibilities for damage, theft, or vandalism. 

An open trailer leaves vehicles vulnerable to these threats albeit still with minimal occurrences when dealing with a reputable car shipping service. The enclosed hauler is a wise consideration particularly when transporting a vehicle from one coast to another. 

The variations in weather conditions can be harsh, leaving vehicles on open carriers exposed to road debris, and differing natures of heavy storms, including hail, snow, rain, dust, and other hazards. Those who cherish their car tend to choose the enclosed carrier.


How Does the Process Work for Enclosed Car Shipping

The shipping process for enclosed auto transport involves shipping cars in a closed container where there’s no exposure to the outside elements, road hazards, or weather conditions. The autos are highly protected from the time of pick-up until delivery. 

This form of car shipping is preferred by owners who cherish their vehicle with a desire for it to arrive at the new location in pristine condition. It’s particularly beneficial when the car will be shipped a long distance, like across the country. 

The process includes a few steps for optimum safety and security while in transit including the following: 

  • The booking  

As a premium service, the enclosed hauler offers an extra level of protection when shipping a car with highly trained drivers prioritizing delivering the autos in the same condition as they were picked up. With an enclosed carrier service, the transport is more personalized but with that added benefit comes a higher cost. 

Clients work with the carrier to decide the pick-up and drop-off schedule to meet their needs. The thing to remember as the client is that the enclosed haulers have less capacity than open-air, making it necessary to book well ahead of departure for a spot on the load. 

Carriers will typically prioritize protection and security with valued vehicles with car owners having the possibility of adding insurance coverage and requesting special handling. Read details on hiring a shipping company. 

  • The inspection 

Vehicles are detail inspected with enclosed auto transport for reporting the car’s condition on the interior and exterior. The careful examination will allow the carrier to document existing damage before delivery.   

The car owner is encouraged to be available for the inspection so questions and concerns can be addressed for optimum peace of mind. The client receives a copy of the report and can enlist the services of a qualified mechanic to perform an independent inspection to coincide with the carrier’s paperwork. 

  • Vehicle loading 

When loading a car on an enclosed trailer, the process is meticulous, using great attention to detail with loading through the side or rear based on the hauler model with skilled techniques and special equipment like ramps or hydraulic lifts so the vehicle is secure in its position. 

Wheel chocks or straps will secure the car to avoid the possibility of shifting while in transit. While in the “container-like” enclosure the vehicle is protected from damage, vandalism, or loss. 

  • Transit

Before transporting the vehicle, the carrier carefully plans the route considering road hazards, location, distance, and schedule to allow for optimum efficiency and the safest route. With planning, safety is prioritized for the hauler and the load. 

The objective is to have smooth highways and few instances of harsh weather. The customer’s personal preference is often taken into account when deciding on a route with the ultimate goal of delivering what is a cherished vehicle safely and promptly, giving the owner the greatest peace of mind. 

  • The delivery

auto transport

The premium enclosed auto hauler delivery means the customer will receive a secure and safe process tailored to their needs, with unloading comparable to the loading process using the same specialized tools, equipment, and care. This ensures the risk is minimized for potential damage. 

You as the owner or someone representing you must be available for the final inspection to compare it to the one done with the pick-up to ensure the car is in the same condition as when it was initially loaded. The process ensures the vehicle is delivered with the greatest care and security. 

Final Thought

Once the car is delivered, the owner will sign off if the vehicle is in pristine condition with the final payment processed upon arrival. While the car is in transit, the carrier keeps you as the car owner up to date on the location and status of the auto.  

The most effective communication is vital for a stress-free and seamless experience for the driver, carrier, and owner. Choosing a trusted, reputable car shipping service offering enclosed hauling is vital for the optimum protection of your auto with transport.

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