5 Best Business Coach Certification Programs For 2022

by Jerald Dyson
business coach certification

Business coach certification: Business coaching is about achieving huge improvements in a business and taking a certain business where it is to where your clients want it to be. A business coach focuses on how to overcome obstacles and future expansion in order to keep growing.

Business coaches are like guides; the only difference is that they don’t show you the actual path or tell you what to do. A coach only motivates you and provides a plan that you have to follow on your own. A business coach influences their clients to make the right decisions that can help them identify and achieve certain goals.

What Is Business Coaching?

business coach certification

Business coaching focuses on three main things: improvement of relationships, goal setting, and future discovering. 

Improvement in Relationships – Maintaining healthy relationships is quite important in professional and personal life. A business coach helps businessmen or entrepreneurs to build and maintain relationships more efficiently. As coaches provide an unbiased opinion and tell their clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear, they can help individuals maintain better relationships.

Goal Setting – As an entrepreneur, one of the most significant benefits of business coaching is it can help you set better goals. Business coaching helps individuals to align and prioritize their goals that can offer a smooth business experience.

Future Discovering – Like all other coaching niches, business coaching focuses on the present and future. A business coach allows you to identify and attain your dreams and goals. This field is about converting your imaginary thoughts into reality by achieving your full potential. 

In simplest words, business coaching is about finding the right path to success, setting actionable goals, and creating a plan to achieve those goals effectively.

Who Needs A Business Coach?

Businessmen, executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and even a job person can benefit from a business coach. If you are one of those persons who feel stuck in your professional life, a business coach is a perfect pick for you. These professionals can help you if you:

  • Are struggling in business
  • Are confused about hiring more employees
  • Want to boost your output
  • Have a goal but are unable to manage time effectively
  • Want some support
  • Have financial problems
  • Need to expand your business
  • Are not productive

Requirements Of Becoming A Certified Business Coach

business coach certification

Are you seeking a career as a business coach? If yes, you must know the requirements of becoming a certified business coach. Starting a career as a business coach is quite easy, and it has only 3 requirements:

Business Coach Certification Program

Before starting a career as a business coach, you must go through some training. According to the International Coaching Federation, you must earn up to 125 training hours. To do that, you can enroll in an online business coach certification program or a face-to-face training program.


We recommend becoming an ICF accredited business coach because it has its own perks. To do that, you must undergo up to ten hours of mentoring as per the International Coaching Federation requirements.

Coaching Experience

The last requirement of becoming an ICF accredited business coach is acquiring up to 500 hours of coaching experience. To do that, you need to coach your ideal clients. As a beginner, it’s nearly impossible to find clients if you don’t have a business coach certification.

Therefore, keep reading to learn about different business coach certifications programs that offer ICF accreditation.

5 Best Business Coach Certification Programs

The coaching business is an unregulated one, meaning universities are not offering advanced degrees in this field. However, you don’t have to worry; several other institutes offer business coach training through their special business coach certification programs.

Read on to learn about our top 5 picks when it comes to high-quality business coach certification programs:

Center For Executive Coaching

business coach certification

If you have passion and ambition, being a certified business and leadership coach is just a few steps away. The best thing about the Center for Executive Coaching is that it offers numerous certification programs. You can select online business coach certification programs to get credentials from all across the globe.

The Center for Executive Coaching allows you to become a high-quality certified business coach. No matter which country you live in, you can enroll in this program. If you already have a master’s degree, you’ll be able to complete ICF credentials faster than others.

This program offers several valuable resources and coaching tools. The cost of this program can fall anywhere between $5,000 to $7,500, and you’ll be able to complete the whole program within 5 months.


  • Online Classes
  • Valuable Resources
  • Webinars


  • Webinars are essential for an ICF credential

Co-Active Training Institute

If you don’t have an advanced degree, the Co-Active Training Institute is the best place to start. The one-on-one certification and personalized feedback offered by this well-known institute will surely be appreciated when you start your own business coach career.

The price of this course can fall anywhere between $6,900 and $12,000. This course is quite comprehensive and detailed. However, you can complete this course while managing your business or working as an executive or a business coach.

Co-Active Institute offers the International Coaching Federation Credentials and valuable resources. If not essential, the Co-Active could be a convenient business coach certification program option!

business coach certification


  • ICF credentials
  • Complete in just 4 months
  • Weekly virtual workshops


  • Too expensive

College Of Executive Coaching

Next, we have College for Executive Coaching. This organization is one of the best post-graduate experiences for business owners, professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs. It is an effective and fast-track approach to add the International Coaching Federation’s PCC and BCC credentials to your existing certifications.

You can complete this program in just two weeks, and it’s completely online, allowing you to take this course while managing your own business. This business coach certification program can cost up to $10,000. However, the institute offers numerous payment methods and discounts.

The College of Executive Coaching has multiple resources, including a short course that can teach you everything from coaching skills to strategic planning. This organization also provides access to experienced coaches who navigate through the global economy and organizational dynamics.


  • Certification in supervision and strength
  • Coaching community
  • Multiple programs


  • Bachelor’s and post-graduate degrees are required 

Coach Training Alliance

business coach certification

If you want to improve your coaching skills or show them off, Coach Training Alliance is the place. This organization offers ICF-affiliated courses that offer fundamental coaching skills for both individual and group coaching. This program is best for you if you want to start your own coaching business.

Coach Training Alliance offers a free assessment. However, don’t think these programs are budget-friendly; the average price of a six-month coaching workshop is up to $3,500. But these workshops are worth every penny because they provide confidence as well as necessary business coaching skills.

Along with masterclasses, business coaching workshops, and advanced certification, The Coach Training Alliance also offers free workshops and access to solid instructors and certified coach programs. With this program, you definitely have a chance to turn into the best version of yourself.


  • ACTP accredited
  • Weekly expert calls and mentoring
  • Business and marketing skills


  • Bachelor’s degree is required

Institute Of Executive Coaching And Leadership

The Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership is one of the most revolutionary ways to learn business and leadership skills. This program is inexpensive and offers virtual classes on Zoom, meaning you can complete this course from the comfort of your home. 

IECL courses are best for you if you want to increase the credentials of your existing bachelor’s or advanced degrees. This course can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $4,000, making it one of the most inexpensive business coach certifications on our list. 

Through this course, you’ll be able to interact with experienced business coaches in virtual webinars that can answer your questions. The IECL also offers access to practice communities, resources, and alumni. In addition, as a student of IECL, you’ll get a chance to join online group discussions, where discussion boards will provide online feedback.

business coach certification


  • Fast-Track Program
  • Online Course
  • ACTP Accredited


  • Bachelor’s degree is a must

Business Coach Salary

If you are starting a career as a business coach, it’s rational to ask, how much does a business coach earn? Well, according to a report, as of October 2021, the average salary of a business coach is $83,820 per year. However, the typical salary of a business coach can fall anywhere between $70,832 to $102,548.

The salary of a business coach depends upon different factors, such as skills, certification, education, and the number of years that you have invested in your profession.


As you can see, business coaching is quite a rewarding career. You can easily earn six-figure salaries in this field if you are a certified business coach. To become a certified business coach, you must invest your time and enroll in a business coach certification program.

business coach certification

The Center of Executive Coaching offers one of the most comprehensive business coach certification programs. However, if you have a limited budget, we recommend enrolling in an IECL program because they are affordable and effective.

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