Health Coach Resume

by Jerald Dyson
health coach resume

Health coach resume: Is your job search turning into an unhealthy cycle of stress, sleep deprivation, and long hours spent in front of a computer, sending out applications to no avail?

If you’re not experiencing any positive outcomes, your resume may require a complete health assessment and a focused wellness strategy.

The road to a great health coach resume isn’t as long as you think! All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below to create the ideal health coach resume that will land you a job.

health coach resume
  • This guide will show you how to write a resume for a health coach that is better than most other resumes.
  • How to write a Resume for a health coach that will get you more interviews.
  • Tips and examples for putting skills and achievements on a resume for a health coach.
  • How to put your experience as a health coach on a resume so you can get any job you want.

Health Coach Resume Examples

Example 1

Rachel Knapp

Health Coach



5+ years of experience as a certified health coach with a holistic approach. My 60 customers at Forward Health achieved 97 percent of their long-term goals and 100 percent of their short-term aims, indicating that they were completely satisfied with my coaching services. I’m excited to contribute to Body Health’s success and to use my knowledge to help its clients live healthier, more fulfilling lives.


Health and Wellbeing Coach

Forward Health Service

September 2019–April 2021

health coach resume

Responsibilities & Key Qualifications

  • Clients were given health and wellness advice, including personalized goal-setting, food programs, and long-term sickness management.
  • Designed individualized care plans for 10+ clients per month, including short- and long-term objectives.
  • For walk-in clients, I conducted 10+ biometric health exams and behavioral health screenings per week.
  • Maintaining positive connections with 15+ frequent clients at a time, earning a customer satisfaction rate of 100 percent on both in-person and virtual consultations.
  • Initiated, prepared, and led six group workshops for clients on topics such as holistic wellness management, motivating approaches, sleep, and the development of good behaviors.

Exceptional Achievement:

Has helped assisted 60+ clients in achieving 100% of their short-term and 97% of their long-term targets, with 100% favorable feedback on their services.

Example 2

Health Coach

Five Oaks Hospital

June 2016–September 2019

Assisted 15 customers at a time with health and wellness, with 100% of participants reporting significant changes within 6 months.

Detailed records of each client’s needs, objectives, and progress were kept.

Achieved a 40% conversion rate by contacting 10+ eligible participants every month with an offer to join the wellness program.


BSc in Health Promotion, University of Georgia


A 3.8 GPA was achieved.

Healthy is a fitness and wellness club that they co-founded and directed.

health coach resume


  • Diet preparation
  • Assessments of biometric health
  • Goal-setting
  • Holistic approach to mental health
  • Communication 
  • Empathy
  • Listening attentively
  • Teamwork
  • Microsoft Office 


Holistic Health Coach Certification

2020 Certified Health Coach, American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA)

American Council on Exercise (ACE), 2018


American English (Native)

Fluent in Spanish and minimum working proficiency in Italian 

How To Make The Perfect Health Coach Resume

Choose The Right Format

Clients’ wellbeing, nutrition, and fitness plans are created by health coaches. They also offer assistance and guidance to clients in order to help them achieve their objectives. 

In this profession, expert knowledge and communication skills are essential, so your health coach resume must demonstrate that you possess both.

It all begins with proper formatting. If you want to be taken seriously, submit a professional document that is straightforward and easy to read and not something that looks like an ingredient list from a Soda can.

So, Here’s How To Format Your Resume For A Health Coach:

health coach resume
  • Consider using a reverse-chronological resume format. It will highlight your greatest accomplishments, and recruiters are familiar with it.
  • Make a resume heading that includes your name, work title, phone number, and email address. If you post your own content that demonstrates your health coach abilities and competence, you can include links to social media.
  • Use the proper margins (1 inch) and line spacing (1–1.15) on your resume.
  • Set the font size to 11–12 points and choose a clean, easy-to-read font. The finest resume fonts are classics like Arial or Calibri.
  • Make a distinct heading (13–14 point) for each section of your resume.
  • Limit yourself to the fundamentals. Most health coaches should keep their resumes to one page. If you have at least 7–8 years of experience and a large list of accomplishments, a two-page resume is acceptable.
  • Unless the company specifically requests a Word document, provide a PDF resume.

Choose An Objective For Your Resume

When you meet a new client, you probably try hard to make a strong first impression and instil confidence right away.

Your Resume’s Equivalent Of That First Meeting Is Your Professional Profile:

You only have a few seconds to wow the recruiter and demonstrate that you are the best candidate for the position.

There Are Two Sorts Of Professional Job Profiles:

  • Experienced candidates compose a resume summary, which condenses the highlights of their resume into a single paragraph.
  • Entry-level candidates should write a resume objective that includes your career wellness vision, your greatest transferable talents, and your goals.

Here’s A List Of Things To Include:

  • Years of experience (or level of experience)
  • A few of your strongest abilities that are related to the job description
  • Describe one or two of your most notable career accomplishments.
  • An offer to put your skills to work in order to help the organization achieve its objectives.

Create A Strong Work Experience Section

Getting your work experience part correct is crucial: if you don’t, your entire application will fall short of its goals, and you’ll be back to square one.

Simply describing your prior obligations and duties won’t cut it, it’ll make you look like a slacker, which is the last thing you want. Instead, concentrate on what you accomplished at each employment.

Here’s How To Ramp Up Your Resume With Employment Experience:

health coach resume
  • Working backwards, begin with your most recent position. Add your job title, the firm or organization’s name, and the days you worked there (month + year) to each entry.
  • (Optional) If you think it’s necessary, include a one-sentence description of the role.
  • Add up to six bullet points for each employment that describe your accomplishments. Bullet points on a resume are a great method to convey information in a straightforward and concise manner.
  • For optimum engagement, begin each bullet point with an action word and utilize numbers whenever possible, such as “Developed 10+ individualized wellness plans every week with a 100% customer satisfaction rating.”
  • (Optional) As a separate important achievement, highlight your proudest professional success.

Include additional information about your most recent employment and reduce the bullet points for previous entries to keep your resume focused.

 Of course, just as you customize each patient’s care plan, make sure your health coach resume is tailored to each job ad.

A Strong Education Section

Adding a well-rounded education section to your resume is the next step in helping it reach its full potential.

Employers will care a lot more about your work history than what you accomplished in college if you have a few years of relevant work experience. As a result, simply enter your degree, college name, and years of attendance.

However, for entry-level resumes, it’s important including more details to make your degree stand out even more.

Here Are Some Options For You To Consider:

  • If your GPA was 3.5 or better, include it on your resume. It will demonstrate that you are a top achiever!
  • If you took classes related to the position you’re applying for, include it on your resume.
  • Include relevant extracurricular activities on your health coach resume to demonstrate that you are proactive and enthusiastic about your career.

If you have no work experience and are drafting a resume, your education is your greatest asset. 

To make your education part stand out, even more, place it just below the introduction.

Add Additional Sections On Your Health Coach Resume

  • To emphasize your continuing professional progress, including licenses and qualifications on your health coach resume. After all, your ACE certification needs its own area!
  • Volunteer work can be listed on your resume to demonstrate that you appreciate assisting others and working as part of a team.
  • Add your language abilities to your resume: knowing a foreign language can help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Mention professional memberships on your resume: becoming a member of the NSHC, for example, demonstrates that you are dedicated to your field.

Attach A Cover Letter

Here’s How To Put Together A Great Cover Letter:

health coach resume
  • Make sure you’re writing your cover letter in the proper manner.
  • In the first few words of your cover letter, highlight a significant professional achievement. What is your objective? Encourage the recruiter to continue reading!
  • Demonstrate that you’re the best candidate for the position. Describe yourself, include extra accomplishments, highlight your strongest talents, and demonstrate that you are familiar with the role and the company’s principles.
  • Do not request an interview. Instead, end your cover letter with an invitation to talk more about your skills and how you might help the firm achieve a specific goal.
  • Aim for roughly four paragraphs: a one-page cover letter is ideal.


We hope this guide helped you in covering all of your inquiries of making a good health coach resume. 

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