The Best Health Coach Websites for Both inspiration and Wellbeing

by Jerald Dyson
health coach websites

Health coach websites: A health coach aims to make your clients feel better. When customers arrive on your health coaching website, it must not only have a pleasant esthetic visually, but it should also make the visitors feel good, make them feel like they’re in a safe, relaxing space.

Starting a career as a Health Coach is an exciting moment because it has the ability to drastically improve your life as well as the lives of your clients. However, there is one crucial step you need to follow before getting started: establish a solid 

internet presence for your company and services.

People who are looking for a Health Coach to help them with their health objectives and difficulties are likely to explore and compare Health Coaches online first. So, once you’ve finished your training and are ready to get down to business, one of the greatest places to start is by building a dynamic and engaging Health Coaching website.

health coach websites

Health Coach Websites: Things That Make Top Health Coaching Websites Great

Your Health Coaching website should be both lively and informative if you want to properly market your services and have actual clients rather than potential clients. Below are some of the features that make a health coach website great.

Helpful Information

Helpful Information on the health and wellness programs you offer, your expertise and personal background, and, most importantly, what makes you unique among other coaches.

An Engaging Health Coach Blog

A health coach blog with engaging, interesting material and resources for both present and potential clients.

A Good Design

Excellent design. A good website design is simple, pleasing to the eye, and easy to navigate. Colors that are complementary to your brand are important. But don’t go overboard with the graphics. You want to make sure that your content stands out!


Personality in a health coach website is important. It creates a personal connection with the clients and the people who’ll visit your site. By sharing pictures and stories, you can connect with a website’s visitors, and they can see your dedication and passion for becoming a health coach. 

Call to Actions

Calls to action that are strong and clear. You want to make sure that anybody who comes to your health coach website knows what to do next, whether it’s to schedule a consultation, download free content, or send an email for further information. Make sure to add buttons and links inviting your visitors to do the desired action on every page (and even more than once on each page).


Chances to connect.  Along with clear CTAs, make sure your health coach website informs visitors about how to contact you via email, mobile, and social media.

Free Content

Health coach websites: Free content is a terrific approach to get email addresses for your mailing list while also showcasing your skills. E-books, infographics, downloads, podcasts, films, and other forms of free material are all possibilities.

health coach websites

List of The Best Health Coach Websites

We’ve prepared a list of the best health coach websites that feature excellent writing, compelling imagery, and outstanding branding and design.

These coaches highlight key Information about themselves and their services above the fold, making it easy for readers to consume in a single bite. All of the sites offer valuable freebies such as eBooks, recipes, newsletters, and courses to encourage visitors to sign up.

Continue reading for ideas on how to develop your own health coach website because the more leads and clients you attract, the greater the influence you may have.

  • Amber Haider

Amber is a life coach who encourages women to say “Yes!” to themselves more often and to stop putting everyone else first.

What Makes Amber’s Website Great?

Amber’s website is soothing and informative, making it simple for readers to learn more about who she is, what she does, and whether she is the perfect health coach for them.

Her branding is strong, and her language is straightforward, so her audience gets the impression she’s a genuine person assisting real people with real problems.

  • Claire Ragozzino

Claire is a professional yoga instructor and Ayurvedic counselor who uses ancient Ayurvedic teachings and yoga to empower and connect people with their real nature.

What Makes Claire’s website great?

Health coach websites: Claire’s branding is spot-on, and the site is clutter-free, making it feel light and airy, ideal for those who want to clear their heads.

She also explains the process and makes it simple for visitors to attempt meditation, yoga, yogic breathing, and healthy cooking. In a sense, it’s a “try before you purchase” approach.

Claire stands out because of her rare, genuine approach.

  • Health Coach FX

Laura and Petra, a mother-daughter coaching pair, founded Health Coach FX because they feel it’s time to rethink women’s health care and liberate them from hormone imbalances.

What Makes Health Coach Fx Great?

Health coach websites: Health Coach FX is a stunning website that communicates with its target audience in the most effective way possible.

It’s an easy-to-digest and-navigate website with lots of white space, compelling imagery, and short and straightforward language.

You could say it’s balanced perfectly, which is what this mother and daughter duo is aiming for with their target market.

health coach websites
  • Heather Waring

Heather demonstrates to customers how spending time outside in the fresh air benefits all facets of one’s life.

What Makes Heather’s Website Great?

Health coach websites: Heather’s coaching emphasizes getting outside and appreciating the fresh air and natural surroundings. Her branding reflects this.

Heather’s morning image in her header is stunning, and she continues the ‘nature’ theme throughout her health coach website with photos of plants, flowers, stones, and grass. Her method is simple to follow, and she explains everything she does and how potential clients might work with her.

It’s a well-designed and written health coach website that makes you feel energized, which is exactly what Heather’s coaching style is all about.

  • Alexandra Jamieson

The style and use of color of Alexandra Jamieson’s health coach website are some of its strongest features. Her landing page has a cheerful, fresh atmosphere thanks to playful pictures and warm pinks and gold.

Health Coach Websites: What Makes Alexandra Shine Out?

Alexandra skillfully made website includes a blue call to action button as well as the color red, which represents urgency. “Risk Taker,” “Rule Breaker,” and “Change Maker” are some of the words she inspires people by.

Alexandra proves that she understands what she’s doing. She has also appeared in the documentary “Super-Size Me,” being interviewed by Oprah, and has written four best-selling books.

  • Nicole Nalani

Nicole’s health coach website has a stunning design that pops out right away! It’s straightforward, with simple yet lovely images and lots of space for the writing to shine. 

What Makes Nicole’s Website Shine Out?

  • Her blog is dynamic and provides visitors with useful information.
  • Nicole’s 3-step process for dealing with clients is cleverly and clearly   communicated on her homepage under the banner “3 Steps to a Happier You.”
  • Nicole makes excellent use of call-to-actions (CTAs) on her website to persuade visitors to book even a free coaching session with her.
  • Nicole also lays out the various program alternatives available to her clients, such as exploration sessions, cleanses, and transformational programs.
  • Dr. Jo Baldwin

Jo is a health and wellness coach who works with women who want to feel more confident, have more energy, and have a clearer sense of direction in their life.

What Makes Jo’s Website Work?

health coach websites

Health coach websites: There’s a lot to like about Jo’s website, from the clear messaging to the testimonials, the several sorts of coaching she offers, and the excellent site design.

But it’s her ‘Process’ portion that truly shines out.

This is something that many health coach websites overlook, but not Jo’s. She explains to her audience that her process consists of three simple steps: diagnose, decide, and act.

This makes things simpler for visitors to determine whether Jo is the best person to assist them.

  • Kalpa Patel 

Kalpa is an addiction intervention and recovery partner who works with people, as well as their families and friends, to build a support network that helps them break the cycle of addiction.

Health Coach Websites: What Is Kalpa’s Website Great For?

Sakshi, Kalpa’s health coach website, makes it plain who she is attempting to assist. And her text is written in such a way that her clients feel less like victims and more like someone truly knows them.

After all, why wouldn’t they? Kalpa is open and honest about her own experiences with addiction, putting her in a good position to assist her target demographic.

  • Marielle Alix

Marielle works with clients that speak both French and English, and her website is user-friendly for everyone! Her website likewise has a light and airy design, a lively health coach blog, and prominent CTAs. Marielle’s website also prominently displays the numerous media venues in which her work has been featured, an excellent method to demonstrate to potential clients and colleagues that she is a trusted authority in her industry.

  • Vona Johnson

Vona’s personality is immediately apparent when you visit her page. Her copy makes it obvious that she is a faith-based coach who practices what she preaches. 

She also includes a CTA at the top of the page, as well as social media icons to the left for connecting with her on other platforms. 

 Health Coach Websites: What Shines Out About Vona’s Website?

A link to her podcast in the main navigation of her website is a terrific method to provide more information about her services.

A health coach blog that is constantly updated.

Including her Health Coach Institute accreditation seal on her about page demonstrates to potential customers and colleagues that she is well-trained and reliable.

  • Kenneth Miller

Ken provides mindfulness-based coaching and psychotherapy to individuals who are trapped in their careers or relationships and want to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Why Does Ken’s Website Work?

Ken’s website uses muted tones to put you at ease right away. His imagery is inviting and pleasant. And his copy exudes a sense of wisdom and experience.

Every word is chosen with care to appeal to his intended audience. The design is also simple and uncomplicated, making it simple to take action and schedule an appointment.

  • Mellissa Laycy

Mellissa is an integrative nutrition gut health coach who is committed to helping her clients achieve optimal health and pleasure by utilizing only natural resources.

health coach websites

What Makes Mellissa’s Website So Great?

Mellissa’s visually appealing health coach website allows her clients to immediately grasp what she has to offer. There’s also a free yoga video to help you relax, a live cooking demonstration, and helpful ideas and tips for gut and body health.

It’s a cheerful, easy-to-navigate website that makes you feel better just by glancing at it.


Health coach websites: We hope you’ve been inspired by these top health coach website examples, so now, if you ever wanted inspiration to create a health coach website or seek a good health coach for yourself, you know where to look for both necessities. 

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