Online Health Coach: A Guide

by Jerald Dyson
online health coach

Online Health coach: Health coaching is an exciting, in-demand career where you can earn a good living while helping others alter their lives while also transforming your own.

If you’re thinking about becoming a Health Coach, you might be drawn to the independence and flexibility that this profession offers. Today’s Health Coaches can have a successful online company with the help of developments in technology such as Zoom and Skype, and they don’t have to limit themselves to working locally within their community.

As an Online Health Coach, you have the ability to build a successful virtual business from wherever in the globe that matches your lifestyle and future ambitions.

This guide will help you whether if you either want to become an online health coach or find and know about what an online health coach is.

online health coach

What Is Online Health Coaching? 

One of the hottest developments in the fitness business right now is online health coaching. It makes sense, given that almost everything has moved online, including shopping and banking, to mention a few. Fitness professionals have capitalized on this trend, opening up a whole new world of personal training.

A common online health coaching session begins with a review of your current health and a discussion of your development goals. After that, you’ll be given a nutrition plan and a training schedule to follow. After that, the degree of personal attention and accountability you get varies a lot from program to program.

Online health coaching, like most things, has advantages and disadvantages. There are numerous aspects to consider, ranging from cost and convenience to consistency and quality. Consider all of the advantages and disadvantages before enrolling in an online health coaching program.

Advantages Of Online Health Coaching

Before enrolling in an online health coaching program, it is important to know what the pros are and cons of online health coaching are, either if you’re seeking an online health coach or becoming one.

  • Flexibility

In short, you have a personal trainer in your pocket at all times. Your trainer can assist you in deciding what to order from a restaurant menu, making changes to your workout plan to handle injury, and holding you accountable for your actions. 

You don’t have to show up at a specific time at the gym, and you don’t have to skip a workout if you’re travelling; simply contact your trainer to change your schedule.

  • Privacy

Many people suffer from gym anxiety, which makes working out in a gym quite tough. You can request indoor or outdoor workouts with online health coaching to avoid going to the gym. Your weight, goals, and images of your progress are all kept private.

  • Options for pricing

The majority of online health coaching services include a variety of payment alternatives. Some work on a time-based basis, requiring you to commit for three months or even a year. Other programs levy fees based on the services rendered. A simple workout plan will save you money rather than a meal and workout plan. 

Look for programs that provide a free evaluation or a no-risk trial period.

Disadvantages Of Online Health Coaching

online health coach

Like anything that has advantages, it is bound to have disadvantages. It’s important to consider the cons of online health coaching, just as it’s important to admire the 


  • Lack of customization

While some programs do an outstanding job of analyzing your health and creating a strategy to match your goals, others are more likely to give each client a cookie-cutter plan. If a program claims to offer “customized” plans, you should inquire about how individualized your plan would be. Injury, allergies, and pre-existing medical disorders should all be taken into account by a professional health coach.

  • Lack of accountability

Clients are intended to be motivated and encouraged by health coaches. Clients, on the other hand, are responsible to their coaches and must accurately report on their food and exercise activity. It’s easy to get off track if the coach is difficult to reach or gives little personal interaction. Look for programs that allow you to check in by email on a daily (or monthly) basis, or better yet, via Skype. Because the coaches take on more clients than they can feasibly keep up with on a highly individualized level, not all programs flourish in this area.

  • Coaches are usually underqualified

Not every online health coach in the industry is competent or certified. In truth, there is no legal requirement to hold a qualification in order to promote and perform as an online health coach. 

These are individuals that only see health coaching as a way to make money and are sometimes referred to as “Instagram trainers.” While their physique may appear attractive on social media, there is no guarantee that they possess the necessary health science understanding or commercial acumen to work as a health coach. 

Check to discover if the program you’re interested in includes coaches that have been certified by a nationally recognized organization, even if it’s not needed. Coaches who aren’t properly trained endanger your health and safety. Before committing to a program, do research and request testimonials.

How Do Online Health Coaches Operate?

Online Health Coaches work with clients to improve their general health and well-being by developing personalized plans to help clients in achieving particular health and wellness goals they’ve set for themselves or utilizing the healthcare directives provided by their doctors or other healthcare professionals.

Many coaches work with their clients weekly or bi-weekly for a minimum of twelve sessions via Zoom or other online platform. This gives you the chance to work with a client over time and achieve long-term behavior modification by providing responsibility and support.

A Regular Day For Online Health Coaches

online health coach

Meetings and sessions with customers, as well as drafting action plans for clients, make up an online Health Coach’s regular day. You’ll be in charge of administrative responsibilities such as replying to emails and phone calls, as well as marketing for your business, such as managing social media and your website, generating and researching materials, and networking with other Health Coaches and colleagues.

You’ll contact with customers in a variety of ways as an online health coach, including email, online (through applications like Skype and Zoom), over the phone, text messaging, or in-person if you live close by or choose to maintain an office. During client sessions, your main focus will be on getting to know your clients on a very intimate level and assisting them in clarifying their goals. 

After you’ve worked together for a while, you’ll assist them in developing an action plan to achieve their objectives and working with them to develop healthy habits that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Important Things To Consider If You Want To Become An Online Health Coach

Before you start the process of becoming an online health coach, consider why you want to do it. Everything you do in your business will be guided by your why, from the program, you choose to the clients you take on to the services you provide, and everything in between. 

Your why can be thought of as the driving reason behind your desire to work as a health and wellness mentor. You can really start your journey to being an Online Health Coach once you figure out your “why.”


People who want to work in health and wellness usually enroll in degree programs that specialize in one field, such as nutrition, biology, nursing, or physical therapy. The courses taken as part of a degree program serve to create a strong foundation for any additional courses or certifications you pursue.

While a bachelor’s or higher education degree will help you along the way, many programs do not require one to join. You can pursue a profession in wellness coaching if you have an interest in health and wellness and enjoy engaging with others about it.

Health Coaching Programs

The best method to start your career as an Online Health Coach is to find the proper training program for you. When investigating and choosing a health and wellness coaching program, take into account the length of the program, the costs involved, and the post-graduation assistance.

The majority of programs last six to one year, while some may take much longer or shorter. While finishing coursework quickly seems appealing, you should examine whether you’ll be receiving the well-rounded, comprehensive education you need, and that will position you for future success.

online health coach

The cost of online health coach training programs vary greatly based on the style of training, whether in-person or online, the sort of assistance provided, the study materials provided, the length of the program, and other factors. Cost is something you’ll consider when determining whether or not to pursue online health coaching as a career, depending on your personal goals, job aspirations, and budget.

Although certification is not required to become an online health coach, this may change as the field becomes more regulated. Certification gives online health Coaches a competitive edge in their field because it indicates their commitment to the practice as well as their expertise in their field.

If you want to become a certified online health coach, make sure the training program offers a credible road to certification. Many training programs claim that simply graduating from their program qualifies you as a “certified coach.” Still, the rise of the online health coaching sector has necessitated stronger restrictions about 

who may call themselves a qualified online health coach.

How To Become An Online Health Coach

Health coaching is a highly adaptable career path, with an increasing number of coaches opting for an all online business approach. With a few significant variations, notably in the areas of marketing and social media, starting an online health coaching business is similar to starting an in-person business. Before you begin your online health coaching business, make the following preparations:


It’s essential to think about and focus on your objectives before embarking on any new activity. Take note of what you admire in successful Online Health Coaches or other wellness entrepreneurs you follow. What services does the company provide? What are their methods for interacting with their customers?

 Is their business supported by a blog or Instagram account? Make use of search engines and research the online health coaching and wellness industries to determine how and where you may fit in.

Business Plan

Starting a new firm without a business plan can result in costly mistakes, as well as strained relationships. That’s not to suggest you have to be perfect to begin, but having a strategy is quite beneficial.

Setting business goals, financial objectives, marketing plans, and other objectives will help keep your brand and company on track. You could want to hire a business coach or someone who knows how to start a business to assist you to get started, or you could even hire someone full-time. This is usually more cost-effective because it saves you time that you could be spending on acquiring new clients.


When you first start your online health coaching business, you’ll need to network online. When online health coaches have trouble gaining clients, it’s usually due to a lack of clear communication.

The most successful health coaches frequently give beginning workshops, participate in virtual networking events, or combine counseling with other services such as teaching or writing. It’s critical to ensure that current customers have the best possible experience because word of mouth is the most powerful marketing weapon you have.

online health coach


From all across the world, the next generation of Health Coaches is establishing their professions. They work with clients both online and in-person, from their homes to their back patios to their favorite coffee shops and everywhere in between. 

As everything is online these days, health coaches have started their careers online too because of the flexibility and many other advantages mentioned above. You, too, can become an online health coach or seek one for your own needs. Just remember to keep in mind the cons that come with the pros of online health coaching.

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