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by Jerald Dyson
health coach salary

Health coach salary: Becoming a health coach is not something that everyone can do. You need a certain kind of drive and dedication along with the right credentials to succeed as a health coach. 

Don’t worry about the credentials you need to become a health coach, though, because there are endless health coach institutions that offer various programs you can enroll in! Each program has its unique requirements and qualifications.

health coach salary

 Be sure to carefully go through what each of these requirements is and the programs’ qualifications before enrolling to make sure that they are aligned with your goals. 

Who Are Health Coaches?

Health coach salary: Before we dive into enrollment, let’s look at who even are health coaches? Well, health coaches are experts in health and wellness. This spans across medical, physical, and mental fields through the various types of health coaches. 

They are mentors who have your health, wealth, and happiness as their top priority. They aim to guide you through the journey of life and help you make improvements along the way. 

If one does not change throughout their life, which means they’re not growing. Growth is essential for living and not just surviving. 

Health Coach Salary: What Do Health Coaches Do?

Health coaches help you make tough calls that you’ve probably been putting off for way too long. We all know we should be exercising, eating healthy, drinking more water, and using our phones less. But how many of us act on them?

That’s where your health coach will come in. They’re not just here to help you kick bad habits though, they’re here to change your life, one step at a time. 

Health coaches help you make lifestyle, dietary, exercise, and even medicinal changes slowly and gradually. This can have a positive impact on your well-being without shocking your system and overwhelming your body. 

Health coaches are experts in their field and know exactly how to ensure that their clients are satisfied with achieving their goals and are also using healthy methods to achieve them.

How Can I Become A Health Coach?

Becoming a health coach is not as easy as it may sound. It requires hard work, dedication, compassion, and a whole lot of studying. 

health coach salary

The First Step: Research

Health coach salary: To begin your journey of becoming a health coach is doing your research. 

This doesn’t just include what health coaches do but health coaching programs, academic requirements, experience requirements, what the job will demand, how much time you will need to dedicate, etc. 

There are hundreds and thousands of health coaching programs that train you in different ways to become different types of health coaches. You should know all of the types of health coaches and what each of them demands before making your pick. 

Unless you aim to work at a hospital or any medical care facility, becoming a health coach does not require a bachelor’s degree. All health coach jobs do, however, require a health coach qualification or certification. 

The Second Step: Taking Your Pick

Once you’re done jotting down all the pros and cons of every category, this is the hard part. You are making a choice. Not as difficult as following through with your choice will be but still considerably so.

Make sure you pick a health coaching program that suits your studying and working style. Some health coaching programs and jobs are more flexible than others. 

Many advantages come with becoming certified. Your clients will trust you more, your skills will be more refined, your employers will have surety of your services, and you’re more likely to establish a successful independent practice! 

The Third Step: Practice What You Learn

Health coach salary: You can learn how to be a health coach all you want, but you can’t truly become one until you work. Your certificate and credentials won’t mean anything if you don’t practice what you’ve learned. 

It will take you a while to perfect your skills, but it all comes with practice. Working alongside studying may be a difficult task, but it will help you develop your skills faster. 

If you practice early on, it will all seem to come naturally to you, and you won’t even think twice. This will also provide a good impression on potential clients and employers. 

You can gain experience by shadowing other health coaches, working in a fitness center, conducting one-on-one sessions with friends, family, etc., and gain as much experience as possible. 

The Fourth Step: Launching Your Career

health coach salary

Once you’re done getting your certification, you are now ready to take on the real world. 

Becoming a certified health coach who has had prior experience with work is now going to rocket launch your career. You’ve had the time to experiment in different health coach job settings, narrowing your options for where you would like to work. 

You will be better able to market yourself to employers who already know you, have seen you around or can see from your resume that you’ve done this kind of work before. 

Gone are the days when you would drop your resume at every office. Instead, keep your LinkedIn profile updated and engage with your network. Several job opportunities pop up every day so stay alert!

The Fifth and Final Step: Refreshing Your Certification

Whenever you’ve turned into a wellbeing mentor, you’ll need to stay up with the latest to keep up with your expert standing. Additionally, having your confirmation current looks extraordinary on your resume, so if you’re exchanging occupations, expecting an advancement, or simply searching for new customers, you’ll be out in front of the opposition.

Which Health Coach Institute Should I Enroll In? 

There are many health coach institutes that you can enroll in, and here are some of the few you should apply to. 

Institute For Integrative Nutrition (Iin)

Health coach salary: The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) is a certified vocational school that offers one of the country’s most comprehensive health coaching programs, with a broad curriculum that qualifies for college credit.

Since 1992, IIN has certified over 100,000 students in 155 countries, making it one of the largest online health coach credentials. It is a complete curriculum that will teach you all you need to know to work from home as a health coach and business coaching. 

health coach salary

IIN is a certified vocational school, and your certificate can be used to earn up to 29 college credits toward a degree at a partner university. The curriculum lasts a year, but they also have a six-month accelerated option.

Precision Nutrition Level 1

Precision Nutrition is a prominent supplier of nutrition and health coaching credentials. Its science-backed program will teach you all you need to know to assist clients in achieving good health improvements.

Precision Nutrition (PN) approaches nutrition and health counseling from a scientific standpoint. It was founded in 2003 and has swiftly grown to become one of the most respected health coaching certificates available. 

Upon completion, you will receive a PN Coach Level 1 certificate and be part of a network of hundreds of thousands of other professionals. A helpful online community, an active Facebook group, and interesting and interactive online materials are also available. 

The course is meant to be done at your speed and typically takes four to six months to finish. To get your certification, you will need to take tests, and you must pass those exams with a score of at least 75%. You may take the tests whenever you choose, and there is no time limit to finish the course.

Dr. Sears Wellness Institute Pregnancy Course

Health coach salary: The Dr. Sears Pregnancy Course is intended for non-healthcare professionals working with pregnant and postpartum clients.

The Dr. Sears Pregnancy Health Coach program is ideal for individuals who wish to work mainly with pregnant and postpartum women. This program seeks to assist coaches in teaching women how to eat well, decrease stress, exercise, and manage their lives throughout pregnancy and after.

Courses are offered online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the program is self-paced. Programs begin regularly throughout the year, but you must contact the firm to find out when they begin.

All needed coursework will be provided to you, and you will have access to an interactive learning portal with videos and e-learning segments. There are also conference calls and discussion forums where you may communicate with other students and teachers.

There are no requirements for applying to this program, which is aimed towards non-healthcare professionals. Other programs offered by Dr. Sears Wellness Institute include an adults and seniors course and a family course.

American Council On Exercise (Ace) Health Coach Certification

Health Coach Salary: The ACE Health Coach Certification program is a low-cost, self-paced online program that is frequently on sale.

When it comes to fitness and health certifications, ACE is a market leader. In addition, it is certified by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), making it a trustworthy option for individuals looking to advance their career as a health coach. 

health coach salary

The curriculum covers all elements of health coaching, such as behavior change theory, coaching methods, and inspiring clients.

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