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by Jerald Dyson

Health Coach Institute Cost: Health coach institute provides affordable tuition, attractive enrollment bonuses, and generous seasonal discounts. The cost varies depending on the program. Continue reading to learn more about course cost and payment plan choices.

Health Coach Institute Cost: About Health Coach Institute

The Health Coach Institute only provides classes online. This institution offers training in 13 different certifications, with Health Coach Certification, Health Coaching, and Health and Life Coach being the most popular. According to the qualification, 1 hour to around 18 months is the time estimated to successfully complete this education, with a median period of 7 months. The cost of attending Health Coach Institute is dependent on different certifications ranging from $200 to $6,500, with an average cost of $5,000. 

The positive environment and good lecturers are the most generally expressed benefits of attending Health Coach Institute, but people who have been certified from health coach institute previously have also stated that flexible class hours and good professional preparation are noteworthy perks as well. Health Coach Institute has been reviewed 19 times and received a 4.53 out of 5 ratings. 

health coach institute cost

How Much Does Health Coach Institute Cost?

The cost of training at Health Coach Institute is determined by the coaching program in which you join. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a choice of top-rated programs with exclusive discounts and payment options.

Investing in your education at Health coach institute will be greatly rewarding if you’re seeking either of the following:

Approvals & Accreditations From Third Parties

Get a world-class coaching education from globally recognized institutions and programs with third-party approval and accreditations to validate your education.

A Comprehensive Approach To Training

Not only will you gain the information and tools you need to become a successful coach, but you’ll also learn how to use advanced coaching approaches to help clients achieve lasting changes.

Trustpilot’s Top-Rated School

Students love training with Health Coach Institute because of the world-class curriculum, community, and customized support, which has a 4.7-star rating and over 600 reviews on Trustpilot.

Health Coach Institute Cost: Health Coach Institute Programs And Their Costs

Become A Health Coach Program

health coach institute cost

The Become a Health Coach program is great for a new health coach looking to get certified and if they’re new to the field of health and wellness, want to expand their business, or they want to do health coaching as a side past time or a completely new profession that they can do from anywhere or want to do meaningful work or all of the above.

The become a health coach program is taught by professional Health and Life Coaches with a combined 25+ years of experience who share their tried-and-true foundation for success so you can get started as a coach right away.

Program Features

  • The fundamental understanding required to assist people in thriving on a comprehensive basis in five essential areas of life (fitness, wealth, relationships, work, and “that which is greater”).
  • Psychological behavior, neurology, keen sense of listening, habitual change, and a healthy lifestyle design are all incorporated into the program.
  • Coaching is an art and science, as well as how to run a business
  • An education that may be applied to any field or specialty.
  • A strong basis for launching and maintaining a successful coaching career.

Health Coach Institute Cost: Overview

Weekly lectures, practice Skills Labs with colleagues, mentoring with your own personal coach, and access to a Private Community Group which are available throughout the whole day, are all part of the Become a health coach curriculum, which will help you consolidate your learning and feel completely supported throughout your educational path.

The Program Is Distinguished Into Four Pillars:

  • Pillar 1 contains all of the basic nutrition knowledge that future Health and Life Coaches will need to assist clients with their nutritional goals. The courses and handouts address the basics of nutrition science and healthy eating, including how food interacts with the body to prevent disease and promote optimal health, how to manage stress and cravings, and how to maintain blood sugar balance and gain energy. With eight basic habit change coaching abilities, you’ll use this information to acquire confidence.
  • Pillar 2 involves you discovering how the Habit Change Coaching Method is the core point to making healthy lasting lifestyle changes and why it’s the most important coaching skill for successful Health and Life Coaches. Tools in the handouts include materials to help you describe your program to potential clients, design your own unique coaching program that works, a Done-for-You Detox program, a client email greeting template, over 10 coaching scripts, and more.
health coach institute cost
  • According to the become a health coach program, Health Coaching and Life Coaching are inextricably linked, which is why they offer Life Coach training as part of Pillar 3. Life coaches assist people in achieving health in all three areas of their lives: physical, emotional, and cognitive. With a Life Coach certificate, you’ll be able to support a wider range of clients while also expanding your professional options.
  • Pillar 4 will show you how to start and run your own profitable company. You’ll learn how to price and sell your services, as well as how to connect with, engage with, and attract customers and then manage them. This cutting-edge curriculum includes everything you’ll need to get started, including extensive handouts, scripts written for you, marketing materials, and more.

health oach Institute Cost: Overview

Program Cost

Varying tuition rates, bonuses in enrolment, and significant seasonal reductions are all available at the health coach institute.

You can pay in full and get the best possible tuition rate, or you can spread out your payments over time.

  • Full payment option
  • No monthly payments.
  • $4,450
  • SAVE $2,250
  • Monthly Payment option
  • $299/monthly for 24 months.
  • $7,176

Become A Nutrition Coach

Keri Glassman, a professional celebrity nutritionist, will certify you as an industry master. The program will teach you all there is that you need to know about nutrition and wellness coaching so you can start your own business.

This course is for you if you’re a nutrition rookie wishing to kickstart your wellness business or a Registered Dietitian looking for new tools to help your clients obtain the greatest outcomes.


  • There are more than 120 lessons that cover every area of nutrition counseling.
  • From the fundamentals of nutrition to cutting-edge science and counseling information, we’ve got you covered.
  • Everything you’ll need to establish and build your own company is right here.
  • To become a Nutrition coach certified by Nutritious life, you’ll need the following tools and skills.
  • 100% online curriculum allows you to change lives from anywhere you have access to the internet.


The Nutritious Life Studio’s basis, philosophy, and how to get started as a nutrition coach are all covered in Level 1 of the program.

Level 2 of the Master Certification delves deeper into science, counseling, and business to help you become the best Nutrition Coach you can be.

You’ll know about everything from mental wellbeing, hormonal issues, and heart problems to overeating, autoimmune illnesses, and gut health in the science section of the certification of Nutrition Coach Course. This unit’s scope is broad and detailed, but it’s designed to help you become the greatest coach you can be, regardless of your client’s situation. You never know what a client will bring to you, so you want to be prepared with as much information as possible. This lesson will give you the confidence and knowledge to speak about various issues, including cholesterol, aging, brain health, fitness, and much more.

You’ll be certified as a Certified Nutrition and Health Coach by Nutritious life master and receive an official certificate to post on your website once you’ve completed your Become a Nutrition Coach training. You can earn Continuing Education credits from a variety of organizations by completing this program.

Program Cost

  • Full payment option
  • No monthly payments.
  • $4,700
  • SAVE $2,250
  • Monthly Payments
  • $315/monthly for 24 months.
  • $7,560

Health Coach Institute Cost: Coach Mastery Program

Coach Mastery is a curriculum developed by the health coach institute to help income and impact-driven coaches achieve their best level of personal, professional, and financial success. This mentorship program will assist you in the following areas:]

  • Make a strategy for building the profitable coaching business of your dreams.
  • Put your personal development and coaching skills into hyperdrive.
  • Overcome your fears and doubts so you may truly embrace your calling.
  • Make a lot of money doing what you were born to do.

Coach Mastery uses a tried-and-true learning method that combines lesson-based education with real-world application. Real-world practice and repetition will help you hone your skills, incorporate advanced concepts, and improve your coaching success.


  • Receive continuing assistance from a TCM coach.
  • With peers, put what you’ve learned into practice in real-time.
  • Take part in interesting challenges to help you expand your business and push yourself to do things you wouldn’t normally do.
  • Bonus training on a variety of specialist topics are available as an added bonus.


Health coach institute cost: The health coach institute provides a varying amount of tuition rates depending on the program, discounts across all the seasons, and powerful bonuses in each of their programs.

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