Not Only Is This Towel Supremely Soft, It Costs The Planet 98.5% Less Water

by Jerald Dyson

Although water use is the largest concern when it comes to towel production, it’s important that brands address the other common offenders as well. That means reducing energy use, sourcing environmentally friendly materials, and conserving natural resources. Micro Cotton is a leader on all fronts. More than 90% of the energy used to produce their towels is clean, green, and renewable. Using wind energy systems and the largest industrial solar rooftop establishment in India, they are able to save 22,420,753 lbs of coal per year.

Additionally, Micro Cotton towels are OEKO-TEX® MADE IN GREEN certified. This guarantees that the towels are made using non-harmful substances and sustainable processes under environmentally friendly and socially responsible working conditions. Micro Cotton is also constantly researching and testing new ways to achieve net-zero emissions. When it comes to lessening our environmental impact, the work never stops! 


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