Patricia Bach Says It’s Never Too Late to Lose Weight!

by Al Paterson
Patricia Bach Says It’s Never Too Late to Lose Weight!

The lack of success in your weight loss journey might be disheartening, but it doesn’t mean you will fail forever. Sometimes choosing the weight loss plan that’s right for you is all it takes to start shedding those extra pounds. With the right weight loss and diet plan, all you need is the drive and determination to keep going, and eventually you will see the results you want. Listen to Patricia Bach to be inspired by her own journey. 

What made you decide to try Speed Keto? Who inspired you to try out Speed Keto?

Patricia Bach: Well, I wasn’t terribly overweight, but I had been trying to lose 25+ pounds for years. I looked at my closet, and I saw a lot of designer clothes I couldn’t fit into anymore. When I went shopping last Christmas, I found myself buying one size up, because I could no longer fit into my current “bigger” size. So, right then and there, I decided I needed to address my weight and health. How much longer before I would outgrow this new, larger size? I had to do something!

How much weight did you lose while on Speed Keto?

Patricia Bach: I lost a total of 28 pounds. To some people, that doesn’t sound like a lot, but it was stubborn fat that didn’t budge no matter what or how little I ate. So, that was a miraculous loss to me!

How did you learn about Speed Keto? Did a friend recommend it to you? Did you see it on a Facebook group post or ad?

Patricia Bach: I was desperate. I found Speed Keto on Facebook. After I read about all the amazing transformations and testimonies about the program, I decided that I had nothing to lose but my weight. So, I joined. I jumped in, and the rest is history.

Did you ever try intermittent fasting while on Speed Keto? Was it easier than you expected it to be?

Patricia Bach: SInce I started Speed Keto, I’ve also been fasting intermittently. I’m on an 18/6 plan that has been working out perfectly from the beginning. It’s become second nature to me, and I combine that with the Keto meals I enjoy every day.

How do you feel about the portion sizes on Speed Keto? Do you feel satiated?

Patricia Bach: Oh, well, I had to adjust when I first started. It was an adjustment for me to be satiated by the meals. Instinctively, I knew that it was due to the huge portions I used to consume before. But I was determined to stick to the program. Within a week, I felt that the meals were very satisfying. There was no turning back from that point. 

Tell us about the flexibility of the plan. How have you fit Speed Keto into your lifestyle? 

Patricia Bach: After 2 rounds of Speed Keto, I found it so easy to switch out proteins, fats, and sides. I mean, now I can eat in just about any restaurant and still stay on the plan. Knowing what I can eat, and how much I need to stay on point, has all become second nature to me.

Patricia Bach Says It’s Never Too Late to Lose Weight

What are your current weight OR health goals like after trying Speed Keto? How did they change?

Patricia Bach: I’m very happy with my current weight. However, I would also like to lose 5 more pounds. At first I just wanted to fit into my clothes. But, as I continued with the plan, I’ve reached a healthier point in my life, where I no longer need medication for hypertension or high cholesterol.

Did you follow a specific Speed Keto plan? Did you do Intermittent Fasting, Non-Fasting, Vegan or Vegetarian?

Patricia Bach: I follow these plans: Original Speed Keto, Speed Keto on a Budget, and Living Speed Keto. I also enjoy intermittent fasting and full fasting days within the program. Although I am very interested in the vegan/vegetarian Speed Keto, and I plan to buy into that program soon. 

Did you ever attempt to do the Speed Keto Vegan or Vegetarian plan?

Patricia Bach: I plan to buy into those plans next. 

Do you plan to continue Speed Keto?

Patricia Bach: I am planning to stick with all the Speed Keto programs to keep my weight in check. I have zero desire to wander off without a periodic round to help me stay at a healthy weight. To me, I view Speed Keto as a lifestyle that’s made a huge difference for me personally.

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