The 8 Best Mattresses (& Based) For Snoring — Medically Reviewed

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Jamey Powell

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By Jamey Powell

Contributing writer

Jamey Powell is a writer, editor, and actor living in Brooklyn, NY. Previously the senior market editor at, she has years of experience scouring endless product reviews and testing out the latest and greatest products in the sleep, fitness, and nutrition markets.

Scott Nass, M.D., MPA, FAAFP, AAHIVS

Medical review by

Scott Nass, M.D., MPA, FAAFP, AAHIVS

Board-certified Family Physician

Scott Nass, M.D., MPA, FAAFP, AAHIVS is a family physician and HIV specialist in California. He takes a holistic approach to healthcare, incorporating principles of functional medicine and using food as medicine when working with patients.

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August 19, 2022

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Whether you share a bed with someone who snores or you saw endless logs yourself, nobody enjoys snoring. Unfortunately, it’s extremely common—about 25% of adults are habitual snorers, and half of us snore at some point in our lives.

From supplements to meditation apps, there are a lot of tools out there to help you get better sleep, as well as plenty of natural methods to try to relieve snoring. But if you’re someone who snores regularly, it also might be worth asking if your mattress is part of the problem. Read on to learn why.

What causes snoring?

There are a handful of reasons you or your partner might be snoring:

Your sleep position

Sleeping on your back is one of the most common reasons for snoring. “Sleeping on your back is usually the worst position for snoring, so side sleeping is typically recommended,” says Shelby Harris, PsyD, DBSM, and author of Women’s Guide to Overcoming Insomnia.

If sleeping on your side isn’t comfortable, a new mattress might be able to help. Side sleepers need more cushion in their mattresses, which helps alleviate the extra pressure put on their shoulders and hips. When a bed is too hard, it may make the thought of sleeping on your side ever more unlikely.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition characterized by a narrowing of the upper airway, which leads to extended gaps in breathing. Not everyone who snores has sleep apnea, although the two are often linked. “If snoring is a consistent issue most nights of the week, I highly recommend that you have a consultation with a sleep doctor to look into sleep apnea, as that’s often a culprit,” says Harris. “If you can only breathe well and not snore at night while propped up on pillows or sitting in a chair, that should be a red flag to see a sleep doctor.”

Allergies & air quality

A 2017 study suggests that there’s a connection between allergies and sleep disorders, including snoring. An air purifier might help, as well as choosing a mattress that’s made with hypoallergenic materials (hint: all of the mattress suggestions below fit the bill).


One reason you may be snoring is your alignment. When you lie down, your airways narrow naturally. A slight elevation can help increase airflow and potentially reduce snoring. Changing to a pillow that helps promote better airflow might be the solution to your snoring woes—but the real hero is an adjustable base.

The ability to adjust the elevation of your entire upper body is an even better antidote than a pillow, which may not be supportive enough to truly keep your head elevated. “There’s also a fancy base that senses when you’re snoring and gently raises the head of the bed to reduce snoring,” adds Harris—you’ll find it at the bottom of this list! 

Just note that if you sleep with someone else who doesn’t want the additional elevation, you’ll need a split king model to avoid taking your bed buddy with you.

Can a mattress cure snoring?

Taking all of the above into consideration, the honest answer here is “maybe”—there is no one true anti-snoring mattress. It’s important to remember that sleep is extremely personal, and the right mattress for you will depend on your body weight and preferred sleep style. While a new bed might make all the difference in the world for your spinal alignment or allergies, there is no guarantee that it’ll solve all of your snoring woes.

A key reason you should manage your expectations before buying a new mattress? They’re a big purchase! Luckily all of the brands we list below have reasonable trial periods and return policies. So if the bed you choose doesn’t snuff out your snoring, you can always send it back.

How we picked:

Per our experts’ recommendations, we stuck to mattresses that are compatible with adjustable bases and a good fit for side sleeping.

We focused on beds that use nontoxic, organic, and allergen-friendly materials to reduce the likelihood of allergy-induced snoring.

The mattresses on this list meet mbg’s standards for sustainable business practices.

We included a range of price points to accommodate a variety of budgets.

mbg’s picks of the best mattresses & bases for snoring:


  • Eco-friendly, certified B Corp
  • Works with adjustable bases


  • One firmness option
  • Shorter sleep trial

Mattress type: Hybrid

Firmness: Medium-plush

Trial: 100 nights

Warranty: 10-year

Mattress size: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California king

The Legend Hybrid Mattress is Leesa’s most eco-friendly bed. It’s made up of two layers of recycled coils under a plush foam layer, all wrapped in a soft, hypoallergenic cover made from organic cotton, merino wool, and recycled water bottles. In terms of firmness, it’s a medium plush mattress, which might help encourage side sleeping for folks who snore.

While the Legend is compatible with most adjustable bed bases, Leesa does have a great adjustable base of its own that you can add on for an additional cost. It has a minimalist design but includes high-tech features like a wireless remote, under-bed LED lighting, and even two built-in USB charging ports. The remote raises both the foot and head of your mattress—the latter will give you some elevation to help combat snoring.

The Legend Hybrid only comes in one firmness option, but, again, it’s a good pick for both existing and aspiring side sleepers. If it ends up not working out for you, you can always return it within the 100-night trial for free and Leesa will help you donate it.


  • Customizable on each side
  • Natural, organic materials


  • Very pricey
  • Not all adjustable bases

Firmness: Adjustable

Trial: 365 nights

Warranty: Lifetime

Mattress size: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split king, California king, Split cal king

Materials: Natural latex, Memory foam, Air chamber, Organic cotton pillow top

If you share your bed with someone else who has different sleep preferences, Saatva’s Solaire mattress could be your solution to keeping everyone appeased. The air bed has adjustable chambers that allow you to adjust the firmness of your mattress with 50 unique options—and each side can be adjusted individually. That means that your partner can keep their desired firmness, while you seek out a softer option for side sleeping (and keep snoring at bay).

Like the Leesa Legend Hybrid, the Solaire is also compatible with Saatva’s adjustable bases. The Solaire king and California king mattresses come in a split-top model, which allows you to adjust the elevation of each side of the bed without disturbing the other. Just beware that the website says the mattress is “exclusively compatible” with Saatva brand bases—so you won’t be able to try a new brand if you commit.

Compared to the other beds on this list, the Solaire is very expensive. But Saatva is known for its quality, as well as generous trials and a lifetime warranty. So if the customized firmness helps you get some snore-free sleep, it might just be worth the investment for you. Plus, each Saatva mattress comes with free white glove delivery and setup—including removal of your old mattress.


  • Organic, sustainably sourced materials
  • Plush, medium-firm feel


  • Shorter sleep trial
  • Only one firmness option

Mattress type: Hybrid

Firmness: Medium-firm

Trial: 100 nights

Warranty: 25-year

Mattress size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California king

Birch is a sub-brand of the mattress company Helix, which builds off its parent company’s commitment to personalized sleep with a swap for organic, sustainably sourced, GREENGUARD Gold- and GOTS-certified materials. It only makes one mattress, The Birch Natural Mattress, but it’s available in both a basic and an upgraded version.

The Birch Natural Luxe Mattress (the upgraded version!) is made of steel springs, flame-retardant organic wool and cashmere, and natural Talalay latex foam. It has additional edge support, which allows you to stretch all the way out to the edges without sagging. We think it’ll be a better bet for combating snoring than the basic version, as it has additional lumbar support to keep your body in alignment. Plus, the firmness is rated at medium-firm, which makes it a great pick for side sleeping. The Birch mattress is also compatible with all adjustable bases, so you can elevate as needed.

If the price tag of the Luxe is a turn-off, the less expensive version of this mattress is still a great bed. It’s a very similar design but has fewer comfort layers (and doesn’t include the cashmere). Whether you go with the Luxe or original, the Birch mattress is a solid pick for anyone who wants to prioritize eco-friendly and nontoxic materials.


  • Lower price point
  • Organic materials, eco-friendly practices


  • No firmness options
  • Thinner mattress profile

Mattress type: Hybrid

Firmness: Medium

Trial: 100 nights

Warranty: 10-year

Mattress size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California king

For a nontoxic mattress that won’t break the bank, Avocado’s Eco Organic mattress is a great budget-friendly mattress option. It’s a hybrid bed that’s compatible with any adjustable base, although Avocado also sells its own design that’s controlled with a remote or smartphone app.

In addition to being less expensive, Avocado says the Eco Organic is slightly less firm than the original bed, the Avocado Green Mattress. It has more of a true medium-firm feel that makes the more affordable option a nice fit for side sleepers. The organic cotton and coil system also make for a cooler sleep surface, which is good news for folks who run hot.

Like the rest of Avocado’s mattresses, the Eco Organic is made with sustainably sourced materials from the company’s own farms in Guatemala. It also boasts the same organic and sustainability-based certifications, like GOTS, GOLS, and GREENGUARD Gold. We also love that Avocado is a certified B Corp and climate neutral.

Worth noting: Coming in at 10 inches high, this is a thinner mattress than some other beds on this list. So just make sure that’s not a problem for you and your current bedroom setup!


  • Eco-friendly, organic materials
  • Customizable height & softness


  • High price point
  • Must love foam

Mattress type: Latex foam

Firmness: Medium-firm, Medium

Trial: 100 nights

Warranty: Lifetime

Mattress size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split king, California king, Split Queen

It’s not common for an all-foam bed to be this pricey, but the customizable, luxury feel of PlushBeds’ Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress (yes, it’s a mouthful!) and the sustainably sourced materials make it a noteworthy pick.

With the Botanical Bliss, you can choose a mattress height of 9, 10, or 12 inches, and select either medium, medium-firm, or a dual-firmness design (i.e., two different firmness options on each side of the mattress). The last option is a great choice for couples who need different levels of comfort or support. Regardless of the firmness you choose, the mattress is going to provide a more bouncy and responsive feel than memory foam, thanks to the GOLS-certified Dunlop latex.

In addition to customizable firmness and quality materials, the Botanical Bliss is a good pick for snorers because it works with any adjustable base—although PlushBeds does sell a range of its own adjustable bases, too.


  • Cushy feel for side sleepers
  • Eco-friendly materials & sustainable efforts


  • No customizable firmness
  • Might be too firm for lighter bodies

Mattress type: Hybrid

Firmness: Medium-soft

Trial: 365 nights

Warranty: 25-year

Mattress size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split king, California king

Comfortable side sleeping requires the right balance of support and cushion to keep your hips and shoulders in alignment. Memory foam is typically a great pick for cushioning, but it often falls short in the support department. Luckily, Brentwood Home’s Oceano Luxury Hybrid mattress combines foam and 3,000 pocketed coils to bring together the best of both worlds.

While memory foam is not a very sustainable material, Brentwood Home uses a plant-based foam called “BioFoam” that aims to keep the desired feel of the popular material while reducing the environmental impact of traditional memory foam. And with its medium-soft feel, the Oceano gets great reviews from side sleepers.

Just like parent company Avocado Green, Brentwood Home makes all of its beds in California using sustainably sourced and GOLS-certified organic materials. It’s also worth noting that Brentwood Home is Climate Neutral Certified and carbon negative, which means it measures and offsets carbon emissions.


  • Elevation may reduce snoring
  • More affordable solution


  • Raises your bed considerably
  • Takes some getting used to incline

Trial: 365 nights

Mattress size: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California king

Materials: Memory foam

If you’re not quite sure a new mattress or adjustable base will do the trick, you might be better off testing this mattress elevator from Avana. It’s a wedge of high-density foam that slides between your base and your mattress to raise the head of your bed by 7 inches.

Most reviewers say this elevator relieved them of GERD symptoms, but a few also call out reduced snoring. Just note that the additional incline will add some height to your mattress, especially near the head (one reviewer even suggests using cotton sheets and pajamas versus silk to prevent sliding). There is a 5-inch option as well, if height is a concern.

Note: We weren’t able to find any eco-friendly or nontoxic options for wedges or wedge-shaped toppers. Even though this is designed to sit between your mattress and frame (versus near your skin), that might still be a deal-breaker for you. In that case, check out our picks of the best anti-snore pillows, which include more nontoxic options.


  • High-tech snoring technology
  • Sleek design


  • Expensive with no returns
  • No sustainability efforts

Trial: None

Warranty: 25-year

Mattress size: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split king, California king, Split cal king

Calling all sleep trackers! Tempur-Pedic’s TEMPUR-Ergo Smart Base is designed to take all of the features of a wearable tracker and pop them into your bed. Beyond the basic adjustable base tech—like elevation, a wireless remote, and under-bed lighting—the TEMPUR-Ergo Smart base tracks your sleep quality through sensors and a companion phone app. It’s compatible with any mattress that can move with an adjustable base.

But the real reason this base made this list is the Snore Response technology; when the base senses snoring from you or your partner, the bed automatically raises approximately 12 degrees to provide a slight elevation. Just note that if you don’t have a split model, you’ll be taking your non-snoring partner along for the ride!

This is a newer model for TEMPUR-Pedic, but it already has plenty of rave reviews from customers, including a few who say the base has reduced snoring. A lot of folks love the “Zero Gravity” feature, which provides just enough foot and head elevation to give the sensation of—you guessed it—floating in zero gravity. The only real downsides to consider are the price, the general lack of sustainability effort from Tempur-Pedic as a brand, and the fact that they won’t accept returns if this ends up not being the right fit for you.


What kind of mattress is best for snoring?

Medium to medium-firm mattresses that encourage side-sleeping are your best bet for combating snoring. You might also consider an adjustable base to provide slight elevation at the head of your bed, which may help open constricted airways.

What else can you do to prevent snoring?

Beyond sleeping on your side and elevation from a pillow or adjustable frame, experts suggest avoiding alcohol before bed, trying a humidifier, avoiding inflammatory foods, or trying a nasal strip. If your partner reports your snoring as extremely loud or you wake up gasping for air, consult your doctor to get tested for sleep apnea.

The takeaway.

Although it’s extremely common, there’s no doubt that snoring is a bummer for you and your partner. If tweaks to your sleep setup and lifestyle don’t nip your snoring in the bud, speak with your doctor about testing for sleep apnea.

While there’s no guarantee that a new mattress will totally solve your snoring, switching to a softer mattress for side sleepers, or an adjustable model might be worth a shot if you’re not getting the quality sleep you need.


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