Best Rated 9 Hair Restoration in NYC [USA]

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Are you experiencing hair loss? And are looking for the best hair transplant or restoration procedures available in New York? Then you have arrived to the correct place. Here are some best hair restoration NYC reviews.

With the increase in hair loss concerns among men and women, the construction of various hair loss centres in New York has increased as well. However, it is critical to recognise that you must conduct adequate research to avoid falling victim to hair transplant clinics in New York, that offer inexpensive and unreliable hair transplant in NYC.

Best Hair Transplantation in New York

The Internet is the best source of information these days, so if you’re interested in learning more about the hair transplant and restoration process, as well as the incredible services available right here in New York, take a look online and discover how an affordable hair transplant can truly transform your life.

You’re likely to be surprised by the wealth of information available online, the incredible services available in this city, and the affordability of it all, especially when you consider that you’ll walk away with a full head of hair, professionally performed by one of the best hair transplant specialists in New York, NY.

A list comprising the best hair restoration NYC reviews and hair transplant centres that offer one-stop shopping for all of your hair concerns has been compiled.

The Top Hair Restoration in New York City

1. HairCareMD, Hair Restoration NYC

HairCareMD Banner

HairCareMD surgeons, the best hair restoration in New York, provide the most effective, cutting-edge, and natural-looking hair restoration available.

In two state-of-the-art Upper East Side hair loss centres, the HairCareMD doctors give the most successful, modern, and natural-looking hair restoration treatments. Dr. David Rosenberg, Dr. Jessica Lattman, and Dr. Benjamin Paul compose the team.

HairCareMD New York invites you to browse the HairCareMD website and schedule an appointment to learn more.

(225 E, NY, 64th Street, New York 10065, USA)

2. Nova Medical Hair Restoration NYC

Nova Medical Hair Restoration

Nova Medical Hair Transplant NYC has devised a comprehensive treatment package with a-la-carte choices to enhance and complement the outcomes of a hair transplant procedure at New Jersey Hair Transplant Clinic.

If you need the cutting-edge FUE hair transplant procedure then this is the place.

As hair loss professionals at Nova Medical Hair Restoration NYC, they can ensure that you have all you need to prepare for a successful FUE hair transplant in NJ, as well as assistance and maintenance of your investment.

(42 A-B, E 74th Street, NY, New York 10021, US)

3. New York Robotic Hair Restoration NYC

New York Robotic Hair Restoration

Robotic Hair Restoration NYC is the region’s FIRST and ONLY hair restoration medical clinic to offer the ARTAS Hair Transplant Procedure. This FDA-approved robot utilises a robotic follicular unit extraction (FUE) technology to execute the most comfortable and technologically sophisticated hair transplant treatment available today. The hair surgery NYC is painless and leaves no visible scars, and it is conducted in the state-of-the-art medical facility.

At RHRLI, the founder, board-certified surgeon Dr. Baiju Gohil, employs the ARTAS Device, a cutting-edge robotic system that does precise minimally invasive hair transplants. To achieve the best results for the patients, this FDA-approved computer-assisted technology is integrated with the follicular unit excision (FUE) treatments. You will permanently have fuller, healthier-looking natural hair after the ARTAS hair transplant operation! The process is rather painless, requires no stitches or sutures, and allows you to return to work within a few days.

(12W, 37th Street, NY, New York 10018, US)

4. Dr. John P Cole, Forhair Clinic Hair Restoration NYC

Dr. John P Cole

Forhair is one of the best hair restoration NYC for a reason. The clinic has a combined expertise of 22 years in FUE, including the innovative approach Cole Isolation Technique (CIT). CIT, named for Forhair’s originator, Dr. John P Cole, is a minimally invasive technique that results in virtually minimum scarring and maximum production. Forhair is committed to providing the best, most natural treatment possible for each patient. 

The Forhair team is a recognised for hair restoration NYC. Medical societies, other specialised physicians, and hair restoration organisations all seek Forhair specialists. Expert expertise and knowledge are critical for the further improvement of hair restoration. 

(35 W 45St, NY 10036, USA, 3rd Floor Suite 3)

5. Capri Hair Restoration NYC

Capri Hair Restoration NYC

Capri Hair Restoration is a New York City-based company that specialises in hair replacement and restoration surgeries using surgical and non-surgical methods. Dr. Oleg Antonov, chief surgeon, and his team are committed to effectively and permanently eliminating the problem of hair loss in men and women. 

They are committed to teaching, certifying, and monitoring the team in order to ensure that the patients receive the greatest quality hair restoration. They have been able to accomplish this while maintaining an inexpensive and fair price structure. You are welcome to browse the remainder of this website to discover more about them, their services, procedures, and patients. 

(5 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NYC 10001,US)

6. Feller & Bloxham Hair Restoration NYC

Feller & Bloxham Hair Restoration NYC

Feller & Bloxham Hair Restoration NYC is unquestionably one of the best hair restoration NYC. They have over two decades of experience in surgical hair restoration with an established track record of ethics, experience, and success.

They are, and have been, the doctor’s doctors for many years. They are the market leader in hair transplantation because of ambition, drive, and commitment to the patients. Cutting corners or providing substandard work is not an option here. This cannot be stated of the majority of hair transplant facilities, therefore exercise extreme caution.

(287 Northern Blvd, Great Neck, #200, NY 11021, US)

7. Dr. Jacono, MD- Hair Restoration NYC

Dr. Jacono, MD- Hair Restoration NYC

He received intensive training in the most sophisticated techniques of follicular unit hair transplantation (FUT) as part of a one-year advanced fellowship programme with the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.

Dr. Jacono performs follicular unit extraction hair transplants on a regular basis (FUE). FUE is the least invasive method of hair transplantation, as it involves harvesting individual hair follicles. This technique avoids a lengthy incision and does not leave a conspicuous linear scar at the back of the head.

(630, Park Ave, NYC, New York 10065, US)

8. Dr. Carlos K. Wesley, M.D. Hair Restoration NYC

carlos wesley

Carlos K. Wesley, M.D. graduated from Princeton University with honours. He acquired his medical degree from Yale University School of Medicine, where he was recognised for academic achievement with numerous prizes.

Dr. Wesley completed his internship in the Department of Surgery at Yale and then completed a residency in emergency medicine at Yale, followed by a fellowship with Dr. Walter Unger through the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

Dr. Wesley has made significant contributions to the surgical field through his writings and seminars both domestically and internationally. He has presented his study findings on wound healing improvement through the use of endothelial stem cells to audiences in the United States, South America, and Europe.

(1050 5TH Ave, NYC, New York 10028, US)

9. Dr.Robin Unger Hair Restoration NYC

Dr.Robin Unger Hair Restoration NYC

Dr. Robin Unger (best female hair restoration nyc), maintains a practise solely dedicated to hair restoration in New York City. 

The practise is focused on giving excellent cosmetic results and on educating both patients and clinicians. Dr. Unger sees only one patient per day and is thus able to devote her full attention to each detail. Until recently, the practise was shared with her father and mentor, Dr. Walter Unger, allowing for ongoing discourse, idea exchange, and method refining.

Dr. Unger is a co-editor of Hair Transplantation, the most complete textbook in the area of hair restoration, and has produced numerous other chapters and publications developing the specialty of hair restoration surgery.

Hair transplantation is appropriate for individuals who have patterned hair loss, as well as those who have experienced hair loss as a result of surgical operations or certain disease processes. Hair surgery NYC is done by transplanting from the permanent donor rim to reconstruct hairlines, crowns, temple hair, sideburns, and even eyebrows.

Dr. Unger personally performs all stages of the surgery with the support of expert team. Along with planning the recipient zone, executing donor excision, suturing the area, and preparing each unique recipient site, she assists with graft preparation and insertion.

(710, Park Ave, NYC, Suite 1A, 10021, US)

Factors to be considered while selecting the best hair restoration NYC


The first and most critical element is the surgery’s credentials. You would surely not want to put your head in the hands of a doctor who lacks basic surgical training or, for that matter, is not a physician. One must exercise caution in determining who the doctor is at a given centre and ensuring that they meet him and have their ailment evaluated by him. Avoid being duped by individuals who are not physicians.

Expertise of Physicians

The following criterion would be the doctor’s experience performing hair transplant surgery. Not every surgery is trained to perform hair transplant surgery, and the learning curve is quite steep. With the recent developments in FUE procedures, even an experienced physician who adheres to outdated beliefs and does not keep up with current advancements may be a poor choice.

Thus, you would need to locate a physician that has at least ten years of experience performing HT operations and is up to date on current principles.

Personnel at the clinic

A single stick will break, but a bundle of sticks will not—this is a lesson you learn as children, and the principle holds true even during HT surgery. Collaboration is always preferable to a single surgeon performing his duties and attending OPs. Additionally, a team led by an experienced physician and comprised of young surgeons would be an excellent match, since the experiences and skills would be passed down to the next generation, benefiting the patient. Additionally, splitting tasks among colleagues would foster a positive work environment; like-minded physicians working toward a common goal will result in the best results for the patient.


How much will hair restoration NYC cost me?

The cost incurred in hair restoration NYC is primarily dependent on the extent hair that needs to be moved in order to achieve the desired results. In general, the price range for hair restoration procedure is $4000-$15000. But the costs aren’t typically covered by the insurance.

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