I Ditched My Bikini Wax For This Product — Why I Won’t Ever Turn Back

by Jerald Dyson

I first tested the trimmer about 45 days ago ahead of a trip to Florida (and a bathing suit). I opted to use the device without the plastic comb for a closer trim. Although I was worried about an increased risk of nicks from the blades without the guard, I quickly discovered the slim shape was easy to manipulate into every nook and cranny—and there was nothing to fear. In fact, I’ve yet to cut myself even after more than a month of use.

Once in place, the automatic blades easily snipped away excess length without tugging strands or pinching the skin. While I was initially alarmed by a spout of water squirting out the edge of the blades, I quickly realized it was the device removing excess water to stay operational. When I was done, the leftover pubes looked groomed and uniform. The entire process including the bum took less than three minutes and lasted a few days.

Luckily, cleaning the bikini trimmer was just as simple as using it. The head fully opens, which allows you to remove any stuck hairs or dump out any trapped water. When cleaned, the device’s flat base and minimal footprint make it easy to store in a medicine cabinet or similarly compact space—although I’d also argue it’s aesthetic enough to leave on your bathroom counter.

Personally, I plan to completely replace my bikini waxes this summer with the trimmer. It’s not only small enough to pack in my suitcase for an on-the-go touch-up during trips but versatile enough to use on other body parts when needed. It can also be used on dry hair for an even faster (albeit messier) last-minute grooming session. My only complaint is that it’s battery-operated. However, I plan to swap to reusable batteries when the included one dies.


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