Diving Deeper into Diets: CEOs, Wellness Experts, and Medical Professionals Engage in a Thoughtful Discussion on the Keto Lifestyle

by Jerome Knyszewski

Keto is like a special way of eating that’s catching a lot of attention. Instead of relying on carbs, it focuses on fats, putting our bodies into a state called ketosis. It’s more than just a diet; it’s a lifestyle that’s gaining popularity for how it can positively impact our well-being. This shift not only affects how we look but also brings unexpected perks.

As we navigate through the diverse landscape of the keto lifestyle, we are thrilled to unveil insights from CEOs, wellness experts, and medical professionals who have graciously shared their experiences. Their perspectives enrich our understanding of the profound impact that the keto lifestyle can have on individuals from various walks of life.

Andy Cwik

Andy Cwik
Cofounder & CEO, hubub inc

Since adopting a keto diet in 2018, I’ve encountered several unexpected benefits that have deepened my appreciation for this lifestyle. Firstly, I was astounded by the enhanced flavor of food. I theorize that diets high in refined carbohydrates and added sugars dull the taste senses similarly to how cigarettes might. After switching to keto, even simple dishes like salads tasted remarkably better.

Moreover, I noticed a significant improvement in my gut health. Equally important, there was a noticeable reduction in my Autism Spectrum Disorder symptoms, which I attribute to my overall improved well-being.

Another surprising aspect was the substantial increase in my energy and cognitive function, which returned to, if not surpassed, my teenage years’ levels. This enhancement was an unexpected and welcome surprise.

Lastly, my perception of ultra-processed carbohydrates and sugary foods has dramatically shifted; I now find myself slightly repulsed by the sight of them. Surprisingly, I don’t feel as though I’ve sacrificed anything by eliminating these from my diet.

These experiences have not only highlighted the often-overlooked advantages of the keto lifestyle but have also significantly improved my quality of life.


Dr. Michael Green
Chief Medical Officer / OB-GYN, Winona

Something I have heard from patients on the keto diet is reported enhanced mental clarity and focus. While the why is not fully understood, the ketones produced during ketosis may provide a more stable, efficient energy source for the brain compared to glucose. This more sustainable energy source can improve cognitive function and lead to increased productivity and mental performance, particularly beneficial for tasks requiring sustained attention and concentration.

Another benefit of the ketogenic diet is its inherent anti-inflammatory consequences on the body. Reducing the intake of carbohydrates can curb chronic inflammation, especially by restricting refined sugars and processed foods. The keto diet may help lower these inflammatory markers in the body while producing ketones that have anti-inflammatory effects, further contributing to the reduction of inflammation. This drop in inflammation can lead to improved overall health as well as the decreased risk of several chronic diseases tied to inflammation.


Benedict Ang

Benedict Ang
Senior Fitness Coach, TotalShape

As a fitness coach who has embraced the keto lifestyle, I have personally experienced and witnessed some surprising benefits that have significantly enhanced my appreciation for this dietary approach. One remarkable aspect is the sustained energy levels throughout the day. You see, in my line of work, maintaining high energy is crucial, and the consistent energy provided by the keto lifestyle has been a game-changer. Unlike the energy spikes and crashes associated with high-carb diets, the ketones produced during ketosis serve as a steady and reliable source of fuel, allowing me to maintain peak performance during workouts and throughout my daily activities.

Another surprising benefit that has deepened my appreciation for this approach is its impact on mental clarity and focus. The ketones produced by the body on a ketogenic diet have been shown to have neuroprotective properties, enhancing cognitive function. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my ability to concentrate and make decisions, which is invaluable in my profession as a fitness coach. This mental clarity not only supports my own productivity but also enables me to better connect with and guide my clients in their fitness journeys.

This keto lifestyle has also revealed its unexpected advantage in appetite control and weight management. You see, the satiating nature of fats and proteins in a ketogenic diet helps regulate hunger hormones, reducing cravings and promoting a sense of fullness. This has not only made it easier for me to maintain a healthy weight but has also been a valuable tool for my clients seeking weight loss or management. The sustainable nature of the keto lifestyle, coupled with its appetite-suppressing effects, has fostered a healthier relationship with food and a more balanced approach to nutrition for both myself and those I coach.

Hamza Ben

Hamza Ben
Founder, Beacherpa

After exploring various diets with limited success, I decided to take a ketogenic approach, which is characterized by a unique formula: eating a single meal every day at 5:00 pm. This meal typically includes a rotation of proteins such as meat, chicken, or fish, along with a variety of green vegetables, avocados, eggs, a moderate intake of nuts and almonds, and a single fruit of choice – pineapple. Crucially, this regimen strictly excludes sugar.

At first, the transition was challenging, marked by intense sugar cravings and a period of adjustment for my body. However, this new diet gradually became second nature. The results were nothing short of remarkable; within two months I experienced a significant weight loss of 16kg (35lbs), dropping from 100kg (220lbs) to 84kg (185lbs). This accomplishment surpassed any previous diet or fitness program I had tried.

Beyond the impressive weight loss, the ketogenic diet provided me with several unexpected benefits. My mental clarity sharpened, allowing me to focus more deeply on work tasks. Sleep quality improved dramatically, and I enjoyed sustained energy levels throughout the day. I also experienced fewer headaches and food cravings and even managed to work through lunch without feeling the need to eat, while still maintaining a sense of normalcy.

Although my weight temporarily plateaued, signaling an adjustment to the diet, the scale soon resumed its downward trajectory, helping me shed the remaining unwanted pounds. This journey has profoundly influenced my understanding of the impact of diet on physical and mental well-being. The Keto lifestyle has proven to be a transformative experience, enriching my life in ways I never anticipated. I am deeply grateful for the myriad ways it has improved my health and outlook.

Melissa Pfeister

Melissa Pfeister
Nutritionist and Founder, Stripped

The benefits of the Keto diet may help promote weight loss in several ways from boosting metabolism and reducing appetite by eating healthy fats, an adequate amount of protein, and very few carbohydrates. The Keto diet helps burn more body fat and in addition, can also help your skin in reducing acne.

The Keto diet is restrictive and can be tough to get it right. There has to be a transition period between cutting carbohydrates while increasing fats and protein. A person following this diet may not drink enough water each day to stay hydrated or choose healthy fats especially fats rich in Omega 3. Other mistakes can be eating foods with too much sodium and not enough fiber.

There are many positive results in following the Keto diet. People tend to see decreased hunger, increased energy levels, weight loss, improvement of blood sugar levels, and skin for controlling acne. Triglyceride levels tend to drop along with an increase of blood levels of “good” HDL cholesterol. This diet can also help reduce high blood pressure. Following a strict Keto diet might be hard to stick to on a daily basis. The keto diet should be followed for a few months then taking a day or two off might help make it easier to follow the strict Keto diet. Your body will be fat adapted so you can get back to Ketosis easily. By Keto cycling, you get a day or 2 off by taking in carbohydrates which makes the Keto diet less restrictive but will not derail your weight loss.

Matt Gallant Bioptimizers

Matt Gallant
CEO and Co-Founder, BIOptimizers

My keto journey started over 26 years ago, as a chubby teenager trying to lose fat and get shredded. Then, as a hardcore optimizer of all things related to my performance, ketogenic diets have always been the main tool in my toolbox. I have also coached hundreds of clients to achieve great results with keto.

Although I definitely have the keto genes and do really well in ketosis, my keto journey hasn’t always been so glorious. I’ve messed up countless times and lived to tell embarrassing tales. I’ve also mistakenly assumed that keto was right for everyone (it’s not!) 

Unique Health Benefits of Keto:

  • Boosted brain function and cognitive clarity
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Better insulin sensitivity and stable blood sugar
  • Diminished appetite and cravings
  • Reduced inflammation

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