Pamela Stone’s Wellness Wisdom: A Blueprint for Women Pursuing ‘What’s Next

by Jerome Knyszewski
Pamela Stone

"Community lifts you when you fall, encouraging you to keep going with renewed strength and determination."

Pamela Stone serves as the CEO of Vision Made Media: a company dedicated to empowering and impacting women worldwide. With a passion for helping others discover their true potential, Pamela’s mission is to guide women on their journey to finding their “What’s Next” in life, despite the challenges they may face.

Through her innovative platforms, including Vision Made Magazine, EnVision Me Talk Show, and the streaming channel Vision Made TV, Pamela provides a creative and inspiring space for women to explore their dreams, overcome self-doubt, and conquer the “What Ifs,” “I Can’ts,” and burnout syndrome that may hinder their progress.

Pamela’s creative vision and unwavering commitment to empowering women have garnered her recognition as a trailblazer in the industry. Her infectious enthusiasm and genuine desire to make a positive impact serve as a beacon of hope for countless women seeking to unlock their full potential.

Name: Pamela Stone
Company: Vision Made Media

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Pam– We are thrilled to have you here! As we begin, can you share the “cliffnotes” version of who you are and what you stand for?

Pamela Stone: In my 40’s, I was struggling with defining my purpose and going after what I truly wanted in life. One of the lies I had told myself was that it was “too late” to go after my dreams and hopes. I was under the false belief that if I didn’t have everything all figured out and set to go at 40, then it wouldn’t happen.

My brand and vision was born out of the desire to help women around the world realize there is a vibrant, beautiful life after 40 waiting for them– the best part of their life– and all they need to do is get started. I wanted to stop marching to the belief that my “best days” were behind me and embrace the best years of my life.

This was the start of Vision Made Media: my brand which seeks to equip and empower women to go after their “What’s Next” with passion and purpose.

“Community is essential to your wellness journey.”

You’ve shared that life after 40 was filled with uncertainty for you. Can you share a bit about your personal wellness journey and how it has evolved over the years, especially after making the decision to take your life back?

Pamela Stone: Before 40, my wellness journey was out of control. A major example of this is allowing food to consume and control my thoughts and life; at some points, you could even say that food was my very best friend.

One day, as I was grappling with this, I felt the sudden urge and desire to live my life, because I only get one. Around that time and realization, my relationship with food started to transform and it has not been the same since.

Though I am not perfect, I say I always try to move for 39 minutes per day and now, I embrace an open-minded relationship with food and nutrition.

The importance of community with other women can be characteristically overlooked. Why do you believe likeminded community is crucial for women (and men) in their wellness journey?

Pamela Stone: Community is essential to your wellness journey. Embracing a community keeps you on track. When you fall off the wagon or miss a step, they are there to pick you up and encourage you to keep trying the next day, speaking life into you.

When my tribe sees that I am down or suffering, they call to talk or send me a text. And I do the same for them. Community is key because your community walks the path beside you. When you inevitably fail or make a mistake, walking the path with your tribe lessens the blow and keeps the self-criticism to a minimal amount, versus being alone and getting in your head about everything.

In your experience, how does a focus on wellness contribute to helping women envision and pursue their “What’s Next”?

Pamela Stone: In my experience, a focus on wellness plays a crucial role in helping women envision and pursue their “What’s Next.” When women prioritize their well-being, they are better equipped to navigate life transitions and make informed decisions about their future.

With focusing on wellness allows women to prioritize self-care and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

By taking care of their physical, mental, and emotional health, women can reduce stress, increase resilience, and have the energy and clarity of mind needed to explore new possibilities and set meaningful goals.

How does Vision Made Magazine uplift and support the overall wellness of your readers? How can a magazine provide that benefit?

Pamela Stone: Vision Made Magazine hosts stories written by women around the world on a wide range of topics from mental and emotional health to productivity to perseverance. Through the magazine, I seek to reflect the diverse voices and struggles of all women globally.

I created my publication so that any woman who picks up the magazine knows they are not the only person going through their unique brand of struggle, providing that community aspect we spoke about earlier.

Having a platform for women to connect creates security in knowing there are other women right at their fingertips who are ready to support and uplift them in their dark moments.

How do you integrate wellness into your daily life, and what recommendations do you have for women looking to make wellness a seamless part of their routines?

Pamela Stone: We all need reminders, right? Each day, I set an intention and put that intention on my calendar. It serves as a fantastic daily reminder of my overarching goals and vision!

Jerome Knyszewski, VIP Contributor to WellnessVoice and the host of this interview would like to thank Pamela Stone for taking the time to do this interview and share her knowledge and experience with our readers.

If you would like to get in touch with Pamela Stone or her company, you can do it through her – Linkedin Page

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