11 Steamy Yoga Exercises To Raise Your Heart Rate & Challenge Your Strength

by Jerald Dyson

There’s a time and a place for more intense forms of exercise, but some days all you really want are some movements to help stretch out sore muscles, draw attention back to the body, and raise your heart rate during an active rest day. It’s in these moments that yoga exercises come into play, providing the opportunity to get things moving without doing an all-out HIIT workout.

There are a number of energizing yoga flows on our site to try. And here, we’ve pulled together a compilation of full-body moves that are ideal for releasing negative energy in the body and starting or ending your day on the right foot—all while getting your heart rate up. 

Looking for some inspiration for your next yoga session? Here are some of our favorite moves to integrate into nearly any flow to take your practice to the next level and spark a little heat in your body, guided by our favorite instructors. 


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