15lbs Lost in ONE Week of Speed Keto® | Bobby Jones’ Weight Loss Success Story!

by Al Paterson
15lbs Lost in ONE Week of Speed Keto® | Bobby Jones’ Weight Loss Success Story!

Join us as we interview Bobby Jones about his weight loss success while on the famous Speed Keto® diet! Bobby will be walking us through his many experiences with Speed Keto. Including, but not limited to, his discovery of the Speed Keto diet program, the highs and the lows of his weight loss journey, and the overwhelming success of his first few weeks of Speed Keto.

When did you first hear about the Speed Keto diet program?

Bobby Jones: Speed Keto was recommended to me by a friend of the family. They had been doing Speed Keto for several months by that point. And, you could say that the results pretty much spoke for themselves. I remember meeting up with them one day and realizing that I barely recognized them! That’s how big the differences were.

And who was I to deny success like that? Thankfully, they didn’t hesitate to nudge me down the Speed Keto path. And, I jumped into the Speed Keto program as soon as I was able.

What was your experience like with the Speed Keto diet? Were you worried about anything specific before you tried it out?

Bobby Jones: Well, before trying Speed Keto, I had never fasted before. More specifically, I just hadn’t been the type to deny myself food for very long, you know? When I was hungry, I ate. When I was craving for something specific (healthy or not), I ate. It’s just a habit that had been forever ingrained in me.

So, after finding out that Speed Keto employed some pretty serious Intermittent Fasting principles, I was definitely uneasy.

Again, it’s really all thanks to that family friend of mine, who showed me the results I could expect if I followed through with the program, that inspired me to just jump in and have at it. And now, several months later, I don’t worry over fasting or the diet anymore. It just is what it is. You know? It’s been normalized to the point where I actually enjoy the experience.

What were your meals like while on Speed Keto?

Bobby Jones: Well, I followed the meal plan pretty strictly. That includes doing both the OMAD days (“One Meal A Day”) and 66-hour fasts days. For those days, I made sure to follow the meal plan provided as closely as possible, which helped a lot at keeping me disciplined.

Outside of that though, to my surprise, the actual ‘meal-making’ portions were relatively easy to follow. Just as is promised by Harlan Kilstein (the author of the program, real friendly dude), there was no macro or calorie counting to deal with. I’ve tried other diets that were big on the whole calorie-restricting thing. And I do mean big — so big that the calculations required are practically clinical. But, thankfully, Speed Keto is nothing like that. Everything is done for you with SK; you just need to follow through so that you can reap the rewards.

How would you describe your weight loss progress on Speed Keto?

Bobby Jones: True to its name… it was Fast. It started working for me almost immediately. And, in my first week, I lost over 15lbs! Now, to my understanding, that’s pretty normal with Keto, what with it being low carb. But, the weight loss didn’t stop there. I think my before and after pics speak for themselves in that regard. So yeah-

With Speed Keto, I reached my weight loss goals, beyond any doubt.

Are you planning on following the Speed Keto program in the future? Or are you reverting to another diet now that you’ve reached your weight loss goals?

Bobby Jones: Oh no, I’m sticking with Speed Keto. Just maybe not as extreme or weight-loss focused. At the moment, my biggest concern is to maintain my current weight. So, that means that I’m still doing a bit of the fasting and the keto that I learn from the program. But, in order to make sure that I’m not losing too much weight, and that I have enough calories to power through my workouts, I’ve been experimenting a bit with how the meals are structured to dial the success of it down ever so slightly.

But yeah, there’s no way I’ll be getting off Speed Keto anytime soon. As I said earlier. At this point, it’s just the norm for me. And I can’t imagine that ever-changing. 

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