5 Best Sleep Trackers Of 2022 + How Sleep Specialists Use Them

by Jerald Dyson

The Oura Ring Gen3 lives up to its motto “A sleep lab wrapped around your finger” to earn the best overall spot on our list.

Let’s start with the tracker’s design: A sleek ring that’s hardly bigger than a wedding band but packed with ultra-sensitive sensors to measure body temperature, pulse, and movement throughout the night. It then estimates how much time you spend in deeper sleep stages like REM to assign you a sleep score on a scale of 100. And it does so pretty accurately. When pitted against a polysomnography (PSG) test, the gold standard for sleep testing in a lab, the latest Oura Ring had accuracy levels up to 92.6% in measuring key sleep metrics. Both Breus and Bhopal trust the discreet ring with their sleep tracking. “I don’t like wearing a watch and find it much more comfortable to wear a ring during sleep, and it’s also one of the more accurate devices at measuring total sleep time and sleep efficiency,” Bhopal tells mbg.

Oura rings are designed to be worn all day long, not just during sleep. They also track your temperature and movement patterns during the day to gauge how your body is performing and how much energy you have to give (which it then shows you in a daily Readiness score). The Gen3 version even uses this data to estimate when you might be getting sick and when women can expect to get their period.

These readings can be accessed in real time on the Oura app. There, you can see your sleep and readiness scores, how they’ve changed over time, and personalized tips on how you can optimize them moving forward. Oura is also building out a library of educational content on how to interpret the signals your body is sending you while you’re awake and asleep.

When you order your first ring, Oura will send you a free sizing kit that includes a few throwaway tester rings. Once you’ve found your size, your ring will arrive with a charging station (it has an impressive seven days of battery life) and access to the Oura app. It’s free for the first six months; then you have to pay $5.99/month. At $299 plus these monthly fees, the Oura is an investment, but for such a small and convenient tracker, it offers unparalleled sleep and health data.


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