5 Ways to Light the Fire Inside You | Day 12 of 90

by Christina Gvaliant

When I first set out to take this journey, it was purely for myself. Then a few close friends said they were going to embark on their own versions. Some wanted to include more meditations. Some wanted to burn off the post baby weight. Some wanted to write songs everyday. Some wanted to finally get their lives under control.

It is crazy how infectious motivation can be. I’ve been seeing a good amount of you guys starting your own 90 day journeys too! That’s so cool.

For anyone who hasn’t caught the bug yet, but wants to – here are my tips for how you can light the fire inside of you!

HOW TO MOTIVATE YOURSELF (to do anything!):

#1. Define your goal.

Whether it’s you wanting to get to a certain body fat % or you wanting to do 100 crunches without stopping or you wanting to finally run your first half marathon – make it SPECIFIC. That way you’ll know when you’re getting closer. Progress is incredibly motivational.

#2. Define your timeline.

If you’re setting a goal without a deadline, it becomes this nice dream that kind of just floats around in the air. If you want to get it done, you need to give your goal priority. You need to set a date for completion. When I told myself I had 12 weeks to get it done, my entire mindset shifted. I went into business-mode Cassey. I laid out my game plan for my 12 weeks and calculated the steps I needed to take to get there.

#3. Define your why.

Goals and deadlines are great, but without a purpose, it means nothing. Why are you willing to go through this? The journey will have plenty of great moments, but it will also have plenty of terrible moments where you’re going to ask yourself “Is this even worth it?” If your “why” is not deeply rooted in your soul, you will find yourself quitting.

I see a lot of people starting their own 90 Day Journeys – which is great – but don’t just do it because you saw me do it and you think you should too. That kind of thinking will have you giving up when times are rough.

Your “why” does not need to be as numerically specific as your goal. But the “why” needs to be strong enough to pull you up when you think you can’t keep going.

#4. Write.

Writing down what you’re doing every day and how you’re feeling gives you a sense of accomplishment. Whether or not you hit any mini goals that day, the literal act of writing is a wonderful thing because it allows time for reflection. It’s also incredibly therapeutic. As adults, we move through life too fast and forget to give ourselves a moment to quietly appreciate how capable we are as humans.

Everyday I am writing in my Fit Journal and on this blog – and let me tell you, it’s brought so much happiness and gratefulness to my life. It slows me down and clears my sometimes muddled thoughts. I look forward to the actual motion of filling in my meal boxes and writing down my workouts. It makes me feel like I’m completing my homework or something! I feel so much more whole after I write.

I suggest you keep a mini notebook or Fit Journal with you at all times. This has helped me stay super on track.

#5. Announce your goal to people who will support you.

Private goals are nice, but honestly, if you really want to get it done, there’s nothing better than having other people keep you accountable. The key thing here is to find trustworthy and supportive people who will keep you on track. You don’t need to tell the negative haters in your life. They’re just going to derail you. Tell the people that you know will want to see you succeed.

When I woke up that one Friday morning a week and a half ago and decided I was going to go on a 90 day Journey, the first person I told was Sam. I was nervous about it though because I knew I’d be getting backlash on the whole thing. But he encouraged me to do it for myself. I cried and told him I hadn’t been doing things for myself for a long time, and that I felt drained trying to be someone people wanted me to be. In that moment I knew that I 100% had to embark on this 90 Day Journey. I knew that no matter how many people would be against me, my biggest supporter would be there rooting for me the entire way.

Find your supporters and let them support you! It could be a family member, a friend, or even an online buddy you met through Blogilates.

Hope that helps! Any of you have goals you’re trying to accomplish?


Here’s my Fit Journal entry.

Fitness Journal Entry

Monday I was lit on fire from the inside like a raging inferno! I don’t know what got into me but I woke up and was like “I want to take Pilates Reformer.” Then I was like “It’s only 2 mi away – I’ll run there!” by 8:15am I had done so much already!

The run felt so much lighter than ever! I don’t know why but maybe my cardio is getting better! Yay! I hate cardio so much so maybe on this journey I’ll learn to love it a tiny bit more ;P


After Pilates, and before we drove off to work, I made myself a keto smoothie. I mixed strawberries, avocado, MCT oil powder, protein powder, and almond milk together with ice. Unfortunately it was weird. So umm, I’ll need to give this another try!

almond milk

After a couple meetings at work, I attended my intense stretching class. Good news. Middle splits were lower than ever before! Still hurts like crazy. BUT PROGRESS Y’ALL. No pic. Maybe next time.

almond milk

There was no time to prep a home cooked lunch, so I ordered from Tender Greens. This is the Ahi Tuna salad with tomatoes, green beans, romaine lettuce, capers and an egg. I order this every single time I eat there. It’s my absolute fave.

green beans

It was a long day. Sam and I didn’t leave the office until 8:30pm which makes for a late dinner. We need to work on not eating so late. Oh well, at least traffic was a little better!

For dinner, I shredded some chicken drumsticks and had chicken tacos wrapped in butter lettuce, filled with pico de gallo, guacamole, and salsa.

green beans

The tacos were good, but not as good as this right here. You guys. Sweet peppers with baba ganoush is my new thing!!! OMG. It is absolute perfection! The sweetness and the crunch from the bell pepper is balances the creamy, slightly salty taste of the baba ganoush. I AM IN LOVE. You must try.

Have you been enjoying these blog posts lately? What else do you want to hear about?

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