Boost Your Well-Being with an Effective Diet Plan | Cecelia Barnosky’s Speed Keto Journey

by Charles Purdom
Boost Your Well-Being with an Effective Diet Plan | Cecelia Barnosky’s Speed Keto Journey

Losing weight will not just do wonders for your self-esteem, but it will also improve your health and well-being. You don’t have to let your health conditions take control of your life. With an effective diet plan, you can take the helm once again, and live your life the way you want. Cecelia Barnosky tells us all about how she lost weight and managed her health conditions through her successful diet program. 

What changed for you since you started Speed Keto?

Cecelia Barnosky: Well, I lost a lot of inches, and I dropped 4 dress sizes. I feel really good health-wise, too, and I’m off my blood pressure meds. I also don’t take any other meds. 

What did you have the most trouble with on regular Keto? Why do you think regular Keto didn’t work for you but Speed Keto did?

Cecelia Barnosky: I did lose 7 pounds on regular Keto, but I stalled. Then I couldn’t break the stall no matter what I did.

Which diet plans did you follow before Speed Keto? How did they compare to your experience with Speed Keto?

Cecelia Barnosky: Before, I did the HCG through my doctor. I did lose some weight on it, but I gained it all back when I was done. It was very expensive, too, and I was also hungry all the time. 

How much weight did you lose on Speed Keto?

Cecelia Barnosky: So far, I’ve lost 37 pounds. But I still want to lose 25 to 30 pounds more. 

What kind of meals did you enjoy the most while on Speed Keto? Did your family also enjoy the meals?

Cecelia Barnosky: Well, I am a widow, so it’s just me. But still, I loved most of the meals, though there are some meats I don’t eat. For those meats, I just switched some of them around. 

Did you ever try intermittent fasting on Speed Keto? Was it easier than you expected?

Cecelia Barnosky: Yes, I always did the fasting. I loved it, and I always did the full hours, no problem. I felt the best energy while I was fasting. 

Tell us about the options for keeping the meals fresh and exciting on Speed Keto? Have you tried the “bonus” recipes? Did you buy additional cookbooks?

Cecelia Barnosky: I always meal prep and freeze so it’s easy, and the food is ready right away. I already have 6 of the books, and I love them all. 

How were your energy levels while on Speed Keto?

Cecelia Barnosky: Let me tell you, I’ve never had as much energy as I do now. I’m 68 years old, and my birthday is in 3 months. Now, I’m doing the carnivore plan, and my energy is through the roof. I just love it. 

Will you recommend Speed Keto to your friends and family?

Cecelia Barnosky: I tell everyone I see about Speed Keto, and about how wonderful it is. I’ll keep telling anyone who will listen. My doctor knows all about it, and he’s very pleased with my progress. 

Did you follow any specific Speed Keto plan, like Intermittent Fasting, Non-Fasting, Vegan, or Vegetarian?

Cecelia Barnosky: Well, I did the original, then I got the 5 Minute Speed Keto, then I got Speed Keto on a Budget, and then Living Speed Keto. So, I’ve got a variety of meals. After that, I tried Stall Buster Speed Keto, and I’m now doing Carnivore Speed Keto. 

Did you ever try out the Speed Keto Vegan or Vegetarian plans?

Cecelia Barnosky: No. 

Will you continue Speed Keto? Or will you return to it in the near future?

Cecelia Barnosky: Once I reach my goals, I will follow Speed Keto, in one form or another, for the rest of my life. I love how I feel and how I look so far, and I never want to go back to the old me ever again. 

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