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Here at Tropic, we’re committed to being a force of good beyond beauty. For us, that means striving to create a healthier, greener, empowered world – and by greener, we don’t just mean literally! With our Infinite Purpose we pledge to strive to protect all of our planet’s ecosystems, and that means those below the ocean as well as above! 

Did you know that the ocean covers around 70 per cent of our planet and is responsible for producing at least 50 per cent of our oxygen? It’s also home to most of earth’s biodiversity and so, with 50 per cent of coral reefs now destroyed and 90 per cent of big fish populations depleted, now more than ever it’s vital that we take action to preserve and restore it. 

With around eight million tonnes of plastic waste entering the world’s oceans each year, our first step to achieving a protected and improved blue planet is to ensure we aren’t contributing to this pollution. 

So, we’re thrilled that for the last two years we have remained an entirely landfill-free organisation – and we’ll be even more thrilled when we can soon make that three! Each and every element of our parcels is completely recyclable or compostable, and our refills and returns initiative allows us to give our old packaging fresh, new life. Since the introduction of our sustainable Colour Palette in 2020, we have also prevented over 10 tonnes of plastic waste generation in comparison to our previous makeup range. 

To further help celebrate and commemorate our commitment to our Infinite Purpose, last year we were additionally delighted to become the first brand within both Europe and the UK to receive a Protect Land + Sea (PLS) Certification. This certification recognises our dedication to preserving our planet with the sustainable ingredients we use in our sun protection range, and it’s one of the ones we’re most proud of. We know we’re not perfect and never will be, but every step counts. We adore our natural planet and for us, going for gold really means going for green!

Get drastic about plastic

Awarded by Haereticus Environmental Laboratory (HEL), it also means that our customers can rest assured that our sun protection range is free from all scientifically established harmful environmental pollutants. These certifications require regular re-evaluation (every two years to be precise), and we’re excited that our products will be continually reviewed so that we can maintain this certification and prove to our customers that they can trust our PL+S Logo and the high environmental standards it represents. We adore our natural planet and for us, going for gold really means going for green!


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